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Synonyms for bothered

caused to show discomposure


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The 35-year-old said: "I lied because I couldn't be bothered with them coming round and stuff."
"What am I going to do, get bothered by 3,000 fans behind a goal?
'They are bothered, extremely bothered, of this political move by the Commander-in-Chief na isinasalang pa sila sa alanganin (is placing them at risk),' Trillanes said in a press briefing on Thursday.
I live in Crawcrook which is 5 minutes away from Clara Vale and I haven't been bothered by this at all."
24 (ANI): Expressing faith on the voters, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah on Tuesday said that he is least bothered as to who will contest against him in the upcoming state assembly election.
Both sides are fighting for their vested interests and are least bothered about resolving Karachi's burning issues.
No Difference to Me I COULDN'T care less What colour's your skin I'm completely non-plussed If you're a her or a him I'm not bothered the slightest Your god or your faith I won't lose sleep If you're reckless or safe I won't bat an eyelid If you're straight, bi or gay I'm not going to worry If you're rich or can't pay I won't panic From the clothes that you wear My heartbeat won't hasten I simply don't care What bothers me most And fills me with fury Are bigots who think They're judge and jury Their ignorance shows A weakness to me To let you decide Whatever you'll be by John Bostock, via email
The sanitation staff never bothered to clear the line, they complained.
If the birds are bothered, and people are uncontrollably entering protected areas -- particularly within the Salt Lake -- then not only may the birds leave but they also might be unable to garner the necessary energy they need for the rest of the journey.
She said reports that President Aquino is bothered by surveys showing Roxas lagging behind other presidentiables is speculative.
Had Chris Bryant and the other absentees bothered to attend this vote, as the Plaid Cymru and Green Party MPs all bothered so to do, the motion would have carried.
If you can't be bothered to vote, don't bother to complain.
An interesting exercise would be to see how many citizens who turned 18 in the past year have actually bothered to even register to vote.
In in future please give the area a wide berth if you cannot be bothered to clean up, If it helps, I know where you can get the little doggie bags if you ever get caught short again.