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stout-bodied hairy dipterous fly whose larvae are parasites on humans and other mammals

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A bimodal seasonal pattern of parasitism by botflies was observed, with most individuals (96%) being parasitized by one or more botflies during summer and winter trapping sessions with no evidence of parasitism observed during trapping sessions in spring and autumn.
Adult botflies have morphological characteristics (hair patterns, density, and color, plus wing infuscation, and arista coloration) that allow for easier identification than larvae.
He's had malaria, bilharzia (a tropical disease caused by parasitic worms picked up from snails), leishmaniasis (a parasitic disease spread by the bite of a sandfly), roundworm, botflies and ringworm.
The plain's long sightlines give the caribou a jump on approaching predators, and the winds off the Beaufort Sea bring temporary relief from millions of swarming mosquitoes and botflies.
Both blesbok and caribou are parasitized by host-specific nasal botflies, blesbok by Gedoelstia hassleri (R.
The caribou also have to contend with botflies, which lay eggs inside their considerable nostrils.
livestock for controlling several parasites, and it's used for controlling botflies on reindeer," says Miller.