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stout-bodied hairy dipterous fly whose larvae are parasites on humans and other mammals

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They're larva from adult botflies that can burrow under a cat's skin or, more alarmingly, enter through the nose and migrate to the brain.
Ophthalmyiaisis is generally caused by sheep botflies and flesh flies6.
Infestation of rock mice (Peromyscus difficilis) by botflies: ecological consequences of differences between sexes.
Adult botflies have morphological characteristics (hair patterns, density, and color, plus wing infuscation, and arista coloration) that allow for easier identification than larvae.
He's had malaria, bilharzia (a tropical disease caused by parasitic worms picked up from snails), leishmaniasis (a parasitic disease spread by the bite of a sandfly), roundworm, botflies and ringworm.
Most myiasis-causing flies belong to one of three major families: Oestridae (botflies), Sarcophagidae (fleshflies), or Calliphoridae (blowflies) (Figure 6-79).