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Synonyms for botcher

a clumsy person

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Synonyms for botcher

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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Adults appear to prefer more complex habitat with large substrate, faster water, and shallow water with riffles (Botcher, 2009).
The trigger for Bullein's transition from humble botcher to political
Schmerberg deploys all kinds of film stocks and video, including his and his wife Ana Davila's personal footage of their child Greta being born and growing up, set to Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger's "The Storm." Also vid-shot (by Muller) is pic's goofiest section, showing thesp Anna Botcher as a harried mom escaping the racket of kids and husband by sticking her head in a giant balloon.
The "Yesterday and Today" album with a picture of the Fab Four in blood-stained botcher smocks surrounded by dismembered dolls was recalled by Capitol Records shortly after its 1966 release.
God is not a botcher, and his creation is thoroughly good.
He lives with his mum (Di Botcher) and sister Shiv (Angel Coulby) in west London.
Now, it's the turn of our own Di Botcher to make it her own, as part of a stellar cast setting alight the Olivier stage at the Royal National Theatre in London.
The small town of Ferndale will be transformed into a TV set over the coming months, with famous faces like Ruth Jones and Di Botcher wandering the terraced streets.
LOOK AT THE Known as Alfie to his fans, he took the prize after beating fellow celebrity learner actress Di Botcher in nominations by fellow celebrity learners.
By private correspondence with Bubonoctis [Mary Youngquist], the Word Botcher, and the Nova Caesarean [Ross Eckler], we found that the addition of three more clues was just barely enough to make it workable.
botcher Barnaby Bunch consistently takes offense at Yacob's words.
With: Ian Dunn, Paul Hilton, Di Botcher, Alan Williams, Gary Oliver, Suzan Sylvester, Sheila Reid, Paul Ready, Sarah Cattle.
It also presents a new view of Lambrecht's work, and with a vengeance, putting him forward as an author engaged in secular themes (not as the clerical rigorist he has been traditionally held to be) and rehabilitating him as no mere botcher of Alberic's work.
"But Sam (DeJulio) and Amelia (Botcher), who maybe had her best game of the year, were very strong along the back tonight, not allowing really anything dangerous at Anna all night long."