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Synonyms for botcher

a clumsy person

Synonyms for botcher

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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To that end, Botcher said Northwestern Mutual will begin work with Mayor Barrett and the Milwaukee Common Council on plans for a mixed-use real estate development adjacent to the western side of its downtown Milwaukee campus.
The trigger for Bullein's transition from humble botcher to political
Botcher added that people don't realize how easy it is to become disabled.
Protecting against a disability is often low on the list of priorities when it comes to getting back on track with financial security planning, but it should be a core component in a comprehensive financial plan," said Sandy Botcher, Northwestern Mutual Vice President - Disability Income Insurance.
GARETH Thomas, Wynne Evans, Lucie Jones, Di Botcher, Robert Pugh, Lucy Owen, Lisa Rogers ac Alex Winters oedd yr wyth seleb a fentrodd i wersyll fforest Cilgerran i ddysgu Cymraeg ar cariad@iaith/love4language ym mis Mai eleni.
LEARNING WELSH: Cariad@Iaith returns to our screens (S4C, Saturday) with Gareth Thomas, Wynne Evans, Lucy Owen, Robert Pugh, Lisa Rogers, Alex Winters, Lucie Jones, right, and Di Botcher all attempting to learn Welsh.
In his alternate capacity as bird-watcher, Word Botcher swears to this incident: he had brought his portable tape recorder to the San Diego Zoo in order to supplement his library of bird chatter, but was sidetracked in the simian section by the Capuchin monkey cage, where he observed the monkeys staring in perfect silence at the human spectators for several minutes at a time.
Actress Di Botcher, who has starred in Sky One's Stella and Little Britain, said: "I remember Renee Zellweger was so brilliant in the other films.
Di Botcher, who plays the inimitable Auntie Brenda, is a fan of the page and he met Maxine Evans, who appears as Rhian, after the filming.
From the moment you start working until the day you retire, your ability to earn an income is your most important financial asset," says Sandy Botcher, Northwestern Mutual Vice President - Disability Income Insurance.
The town has also produced a string of lesser-known but no less professional actors like High Hopes' Robert Blythe, and Di Botcher who has appeared in Little Britain, Twin Town and Hunky Dory.
No the man is a Clown, a botcher, we have probably one of the strongest sides we have ever had, and look at his results, he and the FAW should go, as they are shameful.
Y rhai sydd wedi ymgymryd e'r hero ddysgu Cymraeg am wythnos ydi Gareth Thomas, Lucy Owen, Lisa Rogers, Wynne Evans, Di Botcher, Alex Winters, Robert Pugh a Lucie Jones.
In power Cameron's a bumbler, a bungler, a botcher.