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the branch of biology that studies plants

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I had indeed, my dear,' said Mrs Nickleby; 'not including your poor papa, or a young gentleman who used to go, at that time, to the same dancing school, and who WOULD send gold watches and bracelets to our house in gilt-edged paper, (which were always returned,) and who afterwards unfortunately went out to Botany Bay in a cadet ship--a convict ship I mean--and escaped into a bush and killed sheep, (I don't know how they got there,) and was going to be hung, only he accidentally choked himself, and the government pardoned him.
Hooker, in his great work on the Botany of the Southern Hemisphere.
He was familiar with the literature and history not only of the ancient world but of all the important modern nations of western Europe, with philosophy, the sciences of painting, architecture, botany, zoology, gardening, entomology (he had a large collection of insects), and even heraldry.
Well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please.
The pupil takes the same delight in subordinating every thing to the new terminology as a girl who has just learned botany in seeing a new earth and new seasons thereby.
these dear Moralists ask, and hint wisely that the gifts of genius, the accomplishments of the mind, the mastery of Mangnall's Questions, and a ladylike knowledge of botany and geology, the knack of making poetry, the power of rattling sonatas in the Herz-manner, and so forth, are far more valuable endowments for a female, than those fugitive charms which a few years will inevitably tarnish.
Take astronomy, take botany, or zoology with its system of general principles.
Good-morning, my dear,' said the principal, addressing the young lady at the bar, with Botany Bay ease, and New South Wales gentility; 'which is Mr.
The project will alleviate constraints in the transport of freight to and from Port Botany, improve the efficiency of freight transport on the Port Botany Rail Line and plan for future capacity enhancements across the Sydney Metropolitan Freight Network.
We round off the week in Dolgellau where Bethan Gwanas will be launching her new novel, I Botany Bay, (To Botany Bay).
Ghaffar was the founding Editor in Chief of Pakistan Journal of Botany and publishing it single handedly from more than 4 decades.
1) There can be little question that Park is here adopting the conventional language of religious conversion to announce his discovery of an all-protecting God even in the African wilderness, but what the episode really expresses is his dedication to botany, as an intellectual resource and psychological mainstay, for without it he would not have noticed this tiny plant.
The only other alternative is continued long term storage at Botany Industrial Park which is not acceptable to the community," Orica Executive Global Head Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility, Gavin Jackman said.
The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Academy of Sciences Farhad Rakhimov, director of the Institute of Botany, Physiology and Genetics Hikmat Hisoriyev, director of the Institute of Zoology and Parasitology Abdusattor Said and others.
A fleet of 28 yachts contested the Botany Bay return race conducted by the CYCA, retracing the course of the First Fleet from its original anchorage in Botany Bay to Port Jackson in 1778.