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collect and study plants

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Although sometimes "scorned as a gimmicky, tedious, frequently laughable exercise," (70) the work plays an important role in terms of presenting the Linnaean language of poetic botanizing to a broader audience.
They dragged him down from imaginative contemplation and botanizing, his true callings.
Scott devotes significant attention in this chapter to the young Virginia Stephen, her parents, and her siblings engaged in a variety of activities involving nature, including gardening, visiting parks, zoos, and natural history museums, collecting insects, botanizing, shrimping, bird-watching, owning pets, and going on long nature walks.
67) Banks at least had visited Brazil, briefly, during his voyage to the Pacific with Cook, but his experience was limited to a short, illegal foray ashore, botanizing in the jungle while HMS Endeavour was moored off Rio de Janeiro.
One of the Trout brothers Muir worked with, Peter, remembers the first time he met Dan, John's brother who was botanizing with him while evading the Civil War draft.
I spent my time on shore collecting rocks, botanizing, and catching insects, and it seemed quite natural to be going round again with a butterfly net.
Delany's great achievement, begun when she was over seventy, was her nearly 1,000 collages, or what she called "paper mosaics," of individual plants, created at the request of the botanizing Margaret Bentinck.
Nuttall spent time botanizing on Mackinac Island; one of his discoveries there was the dwarf lake iris (Iris lacustris), named Michigan's state wildflower in 1998.
39) The message was clear; if Canada wanted to be considered on par with established European countries and not inferior to other colonies of "less importance" then they needed to get on the cultural bandwagon and get botanizing.
Great Britain's botanizing craze, spurred by the popularization of the Linnaean system, developed throughout the nineteenth century and sped across the Atlantic to the United States through long-established scientific channels (Shteir, Keeney 70), making botany "the most popular science in America for recreational and pedagogical purposes.
120); Edward John Eyre, whom Short honours as being highly sympathetic to the natives; Ludwig Leichhardt, botanizing while nearly starving in Queensland, were it not for Aborigine-provided sustenance (he would have no such luck on a later excursion); and John McDouall Stuart, who in 1862 on his third try became the first white man to cross Australia from south to north, all the while 'trading fishhooks for information' (p.
After weeks of building an extensive floral inventory, Doris Ames, NOCI's president, realized that botanizing could reveal only so much about this ecosystem's importance.
In addition to the useful information that Gilbert and Churchill provided, Edwards must have appreciated their pleasure in the opportunities for sketching and botanizing and in getting away from the popular sites for tourists, for she also cites these points as criteria that drew her to the Dolomites, "a 'playground' far more attractive than the Alps.