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collect and study plants

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They dragged him down from imaginative contemplation and botanizing, his true callings.
120); Edward John Eyre, whom Short honours as being highly sympathetic to the natives; Ludwig Leichhardt, botanizing while nearly starving in Queensland, were it not for Aborigine-provided sustenance (he would have no such luck on a later excursion); and John McDouall Stuart, who in 1862 on his third try became the first white man to cross Australia from south to north, all the while 'trading fishhooks for information' (p.
Near Woodville, it has been called "a rare bio-diverse Mississippi jewel," a treasured sanctuary for hiking, photography, botanizing and nature lovers.
By ignoring the restrictions of his first principles he was able to do a certain amount of botanizing in the hedgerows of philosophy, and said much that was valuable and profound.
As an eighteen-year old Londoner, Charles Ledger had come to Peru to seek his tin-tune in the alpaca wool trade but spent most of his time botanizing for valuable plants.
However, two months after he began his journey, the nature writer "felt a strange dullness and headache while I was botanizing along the coast" of West Florida and three days later, "the fever broke on me like a storm.
The marriage was a happy one of Alpine botanizing, Ice Age geology, children, socialist idealism, and building house after house, each planned as the perfect home (paradigmatic orchards, gardens, beautiful rooms) and each abandoned every few years for a better one.
The voyage up the Rat and down the Porcupine includes moments of fear and moments of clear exultation, and there is a credible framework of camps, breakfasts, soggy clothes, botanizing on the fly, hours of slogging, and moments of peace and beauty.
A diverse assortment of ephemeral annuals are found here, making this easily accessible area a good site for low impact botanizing during the spring.
This complex passage could yield many answers, but two of the most immediate are to "challenge" and to "play" Of course, "play" is the more difficult and less problematic solution: I think of John Muir botanizing in over-grown city lots, or Edward 0.
The tour, limited to 20 persons, will emphasize cultural more than naturalist activities since the countries have no national parks but Parkin promises excursions into the countryside wherever possible "with our usual penchant for birding, botanizing, reptilizing.
The analogy of empiricism and essayism emphasizes not system but experience and observation--those qualities noted later by Henry James when he described Balzac's fiction as "social botanizing," and by Walter Benjamin when he famously characterized Baudelaire as "the flaneur who goes botanising on the asphalt.
Benjamin Constant's highly intelligent unmarried cousin noted in her diary that while Mme de Duras loved botanizing (like herself) and thrilled to mountain scenery, her husband spent all his time hunting.