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collect and study plants

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For the Andean highlands of northern Bolivia (Department of La Paz) reported by Jorgensen (2014), total species (737) number is larger than for our study area, which can be explained by representing a flora of a bigger area with more extensive botanizing.
Although sometimes "scorned as a gimmicky, tedious, frequently laughable exercise," (70) the work plays an important role in terms of presenting the Linnaean language of poetic botanizing to a broader audience.
This chapter is followed by an important one in which Kelley begins by noting the traditional figural association between women, ornament, and flowers in order to explore the complex ways in which "botanizing women," who lived in a culture that was wary about what the study of flowers might tell women about themselves, engaged in very different ways with botanical figures to rethink the gender categories that defined and enclosed them.
The loss of consciousness could occur through sleep extending over years, or through a fall during a "botanizing expedition," as happens in W.H.
By contrast, Baudelaire's flaneur is totally engaged in the activity of "botanizing on the asphalt," whose "joy of watching prevails over all" (Benjamin, "The Paris of Second Empire in Baudelaire" 19, 41).
Birding, botanizing, zoologizing, geologizing, and scatologizing.
(1) When he visited Estabrook throughout the 1850s, Thoreau pursued the same botanizing and natural-history investigations that had occupied him during his famous earlier residence in Walden Woods.2 It was in Estabrook, as much as in any other locale, that Thoreau found "remarkable proof" of the continual dispersion of seeds by animals, wind, and water) Estabrook thus furnished a good deal of the evidence Thoreau used to support his final burst of creativity as a naturalist.
Scott devotes significant attention in this chapter to the young Virginia Stephen, her parents, and her siblings engaged in a variety of activities involving nature, including gardening, visiting parks, zoos, and natural history museums, collecting insects, botanizing, shrimping, bird-watching, owning pets, and going on long nature walks.
When Benjamin describes flanerie as going "botanizing on the asphalt" (Charles Baudelaire 36), he suggests at least three things which are related to each other.
One of the Trout brothers Muir worked with, Peter, remembers the first time he met Dan, John's brother who was botanizing with him while evading the Civil War draft.
(67) Banks at least had visited Brazil, briefly, during his voyage to the Pacific with Cook, but his experience was limited to a short, illegal foray ashore, botanizing in the jungle while HMS Endeavour was moored off Rio de Janeiro.
I spent my time on shore collecting rocks, botanizing, and catching insects, and it seemed quite natural to be going round again with a butterfly net.
Delany's great achievement, begun when she was over seventy, was her nearly 1,000 collages, or what she called "paper mosaics," of individual plants, created at the request of the botanizing Margaret Bentinck.
Nuttall spent time botanizing on Mackinac Island; one of his discoveries there was the dwarf lake iris (Iris lacustris), named Michigan's state wildflower in 1998.