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collect and study plants

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For Kate Furbish's account see Elizabeth Keaney, The Botanizers (Chapel Hill & London: University of North Carolina Press, 1992), p.
Interested readers could learn the latest news on botany from North American Review and Western Farmer and Gardener as well as Godey's Lady's Book and Youth's Companion, all of which drew on scientific institutions like the Smithsonian, which acted as "national botanical clearinghouses" of plants and information for regional and individual authorities as well as local botanizers (Keeney 29-33, 34, 78, 85-90).
She speaks from within the tradition of women botanizers and calls for a literature of nature that blends art and science.
Perhaps not every customer became an avid student of plants, but Keeney estimates that the number of botanizers was much higher than historians have previously assumed.
For many botanizers, making contributions to scientific knowledge was less important than promoting morality and mental discipline.