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collect and study plants

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The care with which these artists track the relation between illustration and matter insists on the botanical difference that Elizabeth Grosz, following Deleuze, identifies with Charles Darwin, but which has a much earlier, and eccentric history among Romantic-era women who botanized just at, and then just beyond, the edge of acceptable behavior in ways that argue for a version of empiricism that requires thinking with matter and with forms that are attentive to matter.
The European expansion and the transatlantic contacts created a situation where natural historians of several nationalities botanized in the colonies, each giving the plants they 'discovered' a different name.
On their travels in Hispanic America (1799-1804), Bonpland botanized and collected plants unknown in Europe.
The area under investigation was visited and botanized several times between 1992 and 2005.
In the summer of 1958, with Jim Soper of the University of Toronto, John botanized around Lake Hazen.
32) Botanized geometry ("the austere expanse, the sleek/sparsely planted forest of tempered poles") yields to animal life made metaphorical:
They took walks with him there, swam in summer, skated in winter, botanized, watched for birds; they took visitors to see it.
Our variety is named in honor of Andre Michaux , a French botanist who botanized the United States and first discovered this fern.
The area under investigation was botanized thrice between 2001 and 2004.