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collect and study plants

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Unlike most British watercolorists of the time, she often uses a thick application of watercolor and she regularly depicts plants on the taxonomic edge that she finds, along with more typical species along the highways and byways where she botanizes.
Perhaps her nationality keeps her from impugning the character of the narrator or the sympathy of the reader, but then Edwards explains that the woman is a well known character in the area: "She paints, she botanizes, and I think they said she writes.
In terms of out-of-class activities, Henslow and Darwin went on field trips together to collect the insects that Darwin particularly fancied and also to botanize, collecting specimens for Henslow's herbarium which still exists and has recently received attention from a group of historians and botanists (Kohn et al.
On their way north to Acapulco, the ships stayed four months in Lima and a month in Guayaquil, permitting Haenke and his French colleague Louis Nee to botanize and zoologize inland to their hearts' content.
The men of science may botanize or ransack the mineral productivity of a wild and mountainous domain.
How I would love to return here and botanize in the plain present tense.
This trip found Emerson again in a buoyant mood, as he writes to his brother Charles on 12 September, "And we botanize & criticize & poetize & memorize & prize & grow wise we hope & I am your loving brother Waldo" (Letters 1:283).
Though I am here to botanize, I am surrounded by people who generously and enthusiastically call my attention to a succession of gray herons, cormorants, black kites, and bitterns, and I become a birder by default.
My companion it was who wandered up the stream to look for moose this time, while Joe went to sleep on the bank, so that we felt sure of him; and I improved the opportunity to botanize and bathe.
During the day, you cruise the rivers in the dugout, hike through virgin jungle, sample cinnamon from wild trees, fish for piranhas, swim, botanize, and bird-watch.
a fingering slave, One that would peep and botanize Upon his mother's grave.