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Synonyms for botanist

a biologist specializing in the study of plants

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When they saw the worthy botanist coming back heavy laden with his specimens, and treasuring them up as carefully as a miser would his hoard, they used to make merry among themselves at his expense, regarding him as some whimsical kind of madman.
He states that botanists are now generally agreed that the cardoon and the artichoke are varieties of one plant.
I believe that botanists do not confirm Fuchs's story, but insist that the sunflower was native to those plains.
Some variations useful to him have probably arisen suddenly, or by one step; many botanists, for instance, believe that the fuller's teazle, with its hooks, which cannot be rivalled by any mechanical contrivance, is only a variety of the wild Dipsacus; and this amount of change may have suddenly arisen in a seedling.
The opening date for The Botanist has been changed - and it is a lot sooner than first thought.
The Botanist remains the only restaurant the council has snapped up for its flagship town centre regeneration scheme.
The launch includes products from three new Acreage-developed brands: The Botanist, Natural Wonder, and Live Resin Project.
Eliza Potts (1809-1873) was a botanist whose studies have done much to record and understand wild plants in Cheshire and North Wales.
A SCOTS botanist whose son disappeared in Vietnam almost six years ago has passed away - without finding out what happened to his boy.
The gin extraordinaire -- Dr Adam Silas Brian 'FiFi' Wolfryck Templeton -- left Hendrick's Gin Palace in Girvan, South Ayrshire just before 5am on Friday morning as he set out to share his 'case of curiosities' with curious gin tasters and explorers at The Botanist bars nationwide.
To honor the Grand Canyon National Park's Centennial, Hearth '61 restaurant in the Mountain Shadows resort in Paradise Valley, AZ, is serving a commemorative cocktail called The Bold Botanist. For every $15 drink sold, $1 is donated to the Grand Canyon Association.
THE Botanist is planning to bring alfresco dining to the city centre with a new outdoor seating area.
Renowned botanist Prof Dr Shahzad Maqsood Basra said Pakistan could save a huge amount of foreign exchange while giving the status of industry to botanical sector.