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collect and study plants

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The sea comes in, wave after wave, 'without overbalancing'; the forest submits to a botanising eye: 'I know / a nmu from a rewarewa / by the leaf not "coarsely serrate'".
As a journeyman, "he should move to a different part of the country, performing the journey leisurely on foot; botanising and collecting insects and minerals, and visiting every distinguish garden on his way.
The analogy of empiricism and essayism emphasizes not system but experience and observation--those qualities noted later by Henry James when he described Balzac's fiction as "social botanizing," and by Walter Benjamin when he famously characterized Baudelaire as "the flaneur who goes botanising on the asphalt.
GREENSCENE Lynne Allbutt "I was more intrigued by the plants than actually gardening and I used to go abroad with my father on a lot of botanising trips," she says.
GARY McLARDY has also been out botanising in Formby's woods and dunes, with bloomers including evening primrose, feverfew, foxgloves and nearby 15 hedge woundworts, and many garden escapes and introductions.
Even his honeymoon to northern Italy in 1833, on his marriage to Constance Mundy of Markeaton, Derbyshire, turned into a botanising trip.
Every tap is turned on, every jet into the sauna at full pelt, and down I go, ankle deep, knee deep in the mangroves, so deep I see at once I might never recover and so pass beyond the tutelage of botanising and turn into a tree root, a twisted black manikin of mangrove-coral, spirit of this place, legend the locals laugh about at the lanchonette.