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collect and study plants

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The analogy of empiricism and essayism emphasizes not system but experience and observation--those qualities noted later by Henry James when he described Balzac's fiction as "social botanizing," and by Walter Benjamin when he famously characterized Baudelaire as "the flaneur who goes botanising on the asphalt." (5) A quintessentially Baconian project, the alliance of empiricism and essayism signals a watershed in the professionalization of letters as, in Hazlitt's nice summation, "the philosopher and wit here commences newsmonger" (6:95).
Although I believe that no available theory is capable of encompassing all the facts concerning meaning and its development, the absence of a strict formal apparatus here does not mean that I am in favour of semantic botanising; the aim set to what follows is the exploration of the semantic status of a group of lexical categories during a strictly-defined historical period.
'I never met with any one who so perfectly called forth and could sympathise with me in my prevailing passion for Flowers' (1) wrote Georgiana Molloy, one of the earliest settlers at Augusta in Western Australia, in the midst of her obsession for botanising. Her words were addressed to Captain James Mangles, an amateur botanist in London for whom she was collecting seeds and specimens of native flora.
Although, a few years after her arrival, she commented to her sister that 'I only know three kinds and those are two white and one blue of the herbaceous plants possessing an odour', (13) after a few months of botanising for Mangles she was able to write: 'I have no hesitation in declaring that, were I to accompany the box of seeds to England, knowing as I do their situation, time of flowering, soil and degree of moisture required ...
These associations usually publish quarterly bulletins dispensing practical, and sometimes scientific data which covers a range of topics from gardening tips, memories of travelling and botanising trips, hybridising techniques and the inherent diploidy and triploidy factors, seed germination and a variety of humorous personal trivia.
It occurred to him then that they could be of considerable assistance in his botanising. The book under review is an account of this exercise.
GREENSCENE Lynne Allbutt "I was more intrigued by the plants than actually gardening and I used to go abroad with my father on a lot of botanising trips," she says.
GARY McLARDY has also been out botanising in Formby's woods and dunes, with bloomers including evening primrose, feverfew, foxgloves and nearby 15 hedge woundworts, and many garden escapes and introductions.
Even his honeymoon to northern Italy in 1833, on his marriage to Constance Mundy of Markeaton, Derbyshire, turned into a botanising trip.
Every tap is turned on, every jet into the sauna at full pelt, and down I go, ankle deep, knee deep in the mangroves, so deep I see at once I might never recover and so pass beyond the tutelage of botanising and turn into a tree root, a twisted black manikin of mangrove-coral, spirit of this place, legend the locals laugh about at the lanchonette.
I find them a good place to work on my botanising skills - with a restricted flora, there's less to confuse me than when I'm let loose on Sefton's dunes, or Cheshire's lush greenery.
Botanising around Formby, Gary McLardy contacted me with a list of plant species already flowering by March.