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the use of plants or plant extracts for medicinal purposes (especially plants that are not part of the normal diet)

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With even a brief glance at the history of the concept and its use, and consideration of what is known about the pharmacology of botanical medicine the flippant proposal to remove the concept entirely in order to move forward scientifically is at best absurd, and at worst rather insulting to traditional medicine (TM) and its community.
TCM] which derives from everyday experience is likely to be seriously flawed and almost entirely cut off from reality." (14) However, for thousands of years there have been countless people who experienced and claimed the benefits from Chinese botanical medicine. We have no need for Skepticism's scientific reductionist validation to prove the reality of natural medicine.
To take a medical geographic "snapshot" of medical cannabis delivery at a particular place, the study used basic methodologies such as questionnaire, interview, and observation to follow the geographic arc of a selected clonal batch of cannabis botanical medicine at a purposefully chosen urban medical cannabis dispensary that delivers locally produced medicine to verified qualifying patients in Washington State.
A follower of Galen, he emphasized the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual entities, and developed a system of botanical medicine.
Tyler's contribution to the science of botanical medicine. There is a brief synopsis of his career right after the forward and preface.
(11.) Vinson B'Development of Iberogast: Clinical Evidence for Multicomponent Herbal Mixtures' cited in Botanical Medicine from Bench to Bedside, Eds.
I see radical changes when my botanical medicine students take classes learning how to care deeply for self and family--from herb and food gardens to homegrown apothecaries--they begin to feel very secure and healthful.
Owner Jessica Van Dusen, who recently earned a doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Ore., offers a range of holistic health care services, from homeopathy and botanical medicine to diet and lifestyle counseling.
Ethnoveterinary botanical medicine; herbal medicines for animal health.
Part 1 seeks to clarify the role of botanical medicine in complementary and integrative healing before explaining where it sits in a historical context.
They focus on clinical subjects, including pharmacology, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, minor surgery and musculoskeletal manipulation, he said.
In 2001 she enrolled in classes at the Educational Center for Botanical Medicine in Phoenix.
116) betrays a lack of knowledge about botanical medicine. No herbalist prescribes water hemlock, which is not available at health food stores and has been known to be a deadly poison since the time of Socrates.
Students spend an extra year in residency, during which they take a 1,000-hour online course that addresses a variety of integrative medicine topics, such as botanical medicine, manipulative therapy, and energy healing.