bosun's chair

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a seat consisting of a board and a rope

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Ossie was just 11 when the War finished but he can still remember seeing his mother slung over the side of a ship on a bosun's chair with cables wrapped around her as she welded something on to a ship at Walker Naval Yard.
The top will be too high to reach once the third shutter is fixed, so subsequent stages will have to be reached from a bosun's chair suspended with a half-inch rope from a winch.
He rigged a bosun's chair on a pulley which he slung over a wire which ran over hydro lines and flew off into the night like Peter Pan.
He would go to extraordinary lengths for a picture, including being suspended high above ground in a bosun's chair on the jib of a crane and being lowered into a sewer in an iron bucket.
Now I am back in the metaphorical bosun's chair, it is heartening to see the waterfront thriving evermore.
Engineers will be working from a bosun's chair to remove the hands from the three clock faces to enable them to be cleaned and repainted, and the clock faces to be regilded.
It was lashed to the rocks and fitted with a bosun's chair so some could be saved.