bosun's chair

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a seat consisting of a board and a rope

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He gradually picked up the skills of a steeplejack and used a Bosun's chair to suspend himself from a rope to carry out work.
Ossie was just 11 when the War finished but he can still remember seeing his mother slung over the side of a ship on a bosun's chair with cables wrapped around her as she welded something on to a ship at Walker Naval Yard.
"I did `high' work," she says, "because most of the men couldn't stand working up that high--like hanging over the ship in a bosun's chair, welding.
The top will be too high to reach once the third shutter is fixed, so subsequent stages will have to be reached from a bosun's chair suspended with a half-inch rope from a winch.
He rigged a bosun's chair on a pulley which he slung over a wire which ran over hydro lines and flew off into the night like Peter Pan.
Now I am back in the metaphorical bosun's chair it is heartening to see the waterfront thriving evermore.
Engineers will be working from a bosun's chair to remove the hands from the three clock faces to enable them to be cleaned and repainted, and the clock faces to be regilded.