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domination of a political organization by a party boss

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the enormous cost of it to the candidates is making it impossible for men without wealth or wealthy backers to run for office, which tends to the debauching instead of the purification of politics; that the selecting of candidates by conventions has been superseded by their selection in private conferences, which strengthens bossism instead of crushing it; [and] that the system of nomination by petition, intended to ascertain the popular will, produces no such result.
David Tucker, Memphis Since Crump: Bossism, Blacks, and Civic Reformers, 1948-1968 (Knoxville, 1980), 58-59.
In his memoir, Fleming has softened his critique of Irish bossism and is not as attracted to Anglo-Protestant idealism.
It's Bossism that generates arrogance among the bosses and learned passivity among the bossed, along with fatalism or corrosive resentment.
Andrew Rolle, for instance, echoed Hubert Howe Bancroft's characterization of the state's politics as permeated by "corruption, mediocrity, and bossism," and Rolle labeled the constitutional era "one of the dullest periods in California's political life.
They included the emergence of cities with slums and immigrant-filled ghettos, the decline of puritan morality, the eclipse of the individual by organizations, corrupt political bossism, and the demise of the apprenticeship method of learning a vocation.
Fellows rejected any expressions of bossism, privilege, and manipulation.
They say this will open the city to old-style Chicago or New York political bossism, where department appointees are made and dumped at the whims of the mayor.