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Going boss-eyed trying to watch a movie on your tiny iPod screen?
But gone is the sexily boss-eyed flirt and in comes a mess of 10 (count them if you want) lights at the front.
30pm , we heard the odd "shagging" and saw Shane Richie's wonderfully offensive boss-eyed, retarded tour guide routine.
There is food on the table, books on the shelves and Columbo, the boss-eyed, cigar-chomping detective, on the telly.
But Redknapp insisted: "People have got short memories - it goes a little bit boss-eyed today, you're under the cosh and suddenly you find one or two people turning on Tim Sherwood.
All those mannerisms that we are used to seeing were there, the cheesy grin, the stern look and that slightly boss-eyed stare he has when he is being very earnest and serious.
He had a bad squint that made him look boss-eyed and got him teased at school.
BUSY supermodel Caprice was stunned to hear a report by my boss-eyed, dimwitted rivals linking her with Mel C's boyfriend Jason Brown.
Whether the same will apply to a boss-eyed stalker currently bugging him on tour in Japan remains to be seen.
Anna is NOT dating TFI Friday's Chris Evans as the boss-eyed suckers reported, but has found fun and friendship with the Irish warbler.