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Synonyms for bosomy

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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She was kind to me and gave me great bosomy hugs, but she lived in New Zealand, which was much too far away for me to know anything about her.
The mud flaps with the silhouette of the bosomy gal?
Warren Lemmon expressed this succinctly to Bill Roth: "Ruth commented that she thought you were quite pleased, incidentally, with the rather voluptuous, bosomy mermaid she has designed!
We imagined it as a playground for the sort of bosomy bathing belles seen in Hollywood extravaganzas starring the movie mermaid Esther Williams as she dazzled Fred Astaire in Ziegfeld Follies.
"A hackneyed historical novel filled with bosomy maidens and blustery old navy dialogue ('Mizzen top blown!') is not what Crichton should be remembered for.
Brian is relieved to have got that off his chest, and no wonder - his role in Hairspray requires him to play a very bosomy 18st lady.
Rogen plays Ronnie Barnhardt, security chief at Forest Ridge Mall, a terse, tough-talking fellow who still lives at home with his alcoholic moro (Celia Weston), nurses a crush on a bosomy makeup-counter salesclerk (Anna Faris) and commands the other guards on his watch with the intensity of a Marine sergeant in a war zone.
The big portrait of a bosomy young lady that had once graced the walls had to go.
A teenager from Blackpool "Sabrina" (real name Norma Sykes) achieved fame by appearing in the Arthur Askey variety show Before Your Very Eyes (BBC, 1953-58) as the "bosomy blonde" who didn't talk.
Thankfully though, cocooned in a corner booth, revived by a whiskey sour and a bosomy waitress, he found his second wind.
With Nicholls duly kitted out, the evening's proceedings get under way, as a bosomy blonde roams the room modelling an pounds 18m historical white diamond.
Clad in a body suit weighing 75 pounds, he is big and bosomy yet captures the vulnerability and insecurity of Edna.
Bosomy Boy Scouts, relief is yet near; John Maddenesque mammaries you no longer need fear.
The pretty brunette has a very particular style of her own - consisting of tight girdles, bosomy peasant blouse and dirndl skirts.
There was Flaubert the sedentary hermit of style, putting in twelve hours a day at his nocturnal desk in Croisset, and there was Flaubert the traveller and explorer, ranging through Greece and the Near East, smoking hookahs and coupling with courtesans, such as the "wide-shouldered, bosomy, coffee-colored Syrian" Kuchiuk-Hanem, whose "beautiful kneecaps" the horny Flaubert especially admired and with whom he spent a memorable flea-nibbled night in Cairo.