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the place where the just enjoy the peace of heaven after death

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The final act, Alvin Ailey's Revelations, a tribute to the African-American heritage, climaxed on Rock My Soul (in the Bosom of Abraham) to calls of encore from the packed theatre.
Chorus and soloists perform the hushed, intense "I Been 'Buked," which opens Revelations; the joyously swaggering "Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham," which invariably brings audiences to their feet at the work's close; and everything in between with zest, commitment, and plangency.
The relationship to one's angel is warm and intimate; he will keep watch, especially when human emotions threaten to lead one astray, and will accompany one on the last, perilous journey, fending off the evil spirits after death and piloting the soul to the bosom of Abraham. There is a distinctly curious mention of Christ, as being one in being but threefold in person.
den possen geysten uber to the evil spirits over mein grosse und my great and wretched ellende und sundige sell sinful soul but sonder empfach dy selb take hold of the same gar krefftigklich und with might and main pring oder antwurtt and bring or entrust it sy in abraham schos to the bosom of abraham, fur den anplick unsers before the gaze of our lieben herren Jhesu Crysti dear lord Jesus Christ der da dreivaltig ist in der who is threefold in person person und person ainig in den wesen and one in being ewigkliche an ende eternally without end Amen Amen
At their death, Lazarus is borne away by angels to rest in the bosom of Abraham in heaven, while Rich Man Dives is ferried to hell, where his perpetually parched throat becomes his unending punishment and his anguish increases to the point of making him beg Abraham to send Lazarus with a cooling drop of water.
Small children in the Bosom of Abraham symbolise future glory and eternal rest.
I would like to put forward the following hypothesis: the Bosom of Abraham, in so far as it shows heavenly reward in terms of a reunion with the father, should be considered, not in isolation, but as a part of the medieval system of kinship.
First of all, we should clarify the significance of the Bosom of Abraham in medieval conceptions of the hereafter.(13) The fate of the righteous after death shown as a reunion with Abraham--or with the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob--appears in the Jewish Apocrypha, in the IV Book of Maccabees, and in three passages of the Gospel, of which the most important is the Parable of Lazarus (Luke 16, 19-31).(14) While the rich man is sent to the flames of hell, Lazarus is carried by angels to the Bosom of Abraham, "in sinum Abrahad'.
I cannot enter here into the discussions of theologians concerning the exact nature of the Bosom of Abraham and its relationship with the other places in the hereafter.
For the purpose of this research, I have based my study on an as exhaustive a group of works as possible, of about two hundred images of the Bosom of Abraham, from the western Christian world.(17) These representations begin to appear in the year 1000, develop considerably until the thirteenth century then decline in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, without, however, disappearing completely.
The innocent victims of these tragedies are probably "reveling in the bosom of Abraham," while we, the survivors, have to deal with the grief and loss and futilely wrestle with the mystery that is the "problem of evil." I did that, arguing with my schoolmates in the mid-'40s.
Jesus told only one story about life after death, the parable of Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham. Lazarus seems to attain this comfortable position immediately after death, just as the rich man is rapidly consigned to flames.
And it's not just the bosom of Abraham that swings gently in tune to the hymns.
The finale of Alvin Ailey's Revelations to "Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" is as relentlessly exuberant as Mark Morris's Dogtown, accompanied by Yoko Ono's harsh shrieks, is relentlessly brutal.
King Saul in the Old Testament, after all, conjured up the witch of Endor, and Jesus himself tells a story about a rich man who goes to hell and begs for permission to go back to earth to warn his family against the kind of sins that brought him far from the bosom of Abraham.