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the place where the just enjoy the peace of heaven after death

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The story is given fast forward, and we find the two protagonists in their final destiny: the rich man in a place of torment while Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham.
3) I must therefore illustrate succinctly three important points before turning to the Bosom of Abraham.
It will then be possible to examine the specific role of the Bosom of Abraham and the way in which it may contribute to the linking of the three levels amongst themselves.
First of all, we should clarify the significance of the Bosom of Abraham in medieval conceptions of the hereafter.
I cannot enter here into the discussions of theologians concerning the exact nature of the Bosom of Abraham and its relationship with the other places in the hereafter.
For the purpose of this research, I have based my study on an as exhaustive a group of works as possible, of about two hundred images of the Bosom of Abraham, from the western Christian world.
21) When looking at images of the Bosom of Abraham, it should be remembered that the Patriarch is both the formidable and the pathetic father, the hero of sacrifice.
The Bosom of Abraham demonstrates Abraham's paternal function visually.
This is why the image of the Bosom of Abraham is significant in Christianity: the elect appear united with their ancestor in spirit.
While every image of the Bosom of Abraham may be read as such, some suggest the specific, intermediary nature of the link with Abraham more explicitly.
Another aspect which should be considered is the way in which the Bosom of Abraham illustrates the relationship between the elect themselves.
The innocent victims of these tragedies are probably "reveling in the bosom of Abraham," while we, the survivors, have to deal with the grief and loss and futilely wrestle with the mystery that is the "problem of evil.
And it's not just the bosom of Abraham that swings gently in tune to the hymns.
King Saul in the Old Testament, after all, conjured up the witch of Endor, and Jesus himself tells a story about a rich man who goes to hell and begs for permission to go back to earth to warn his family against the kind of sins that brought him far from the bosom of Abraham.