bosom of Abraham

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the place where the just enjoy the peace of heaven after death

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Tookie Williams now rests in the bosom of Abraham, along with Carla Tucker and all the other redeemed souls executed in our "Christian nation.
Oh, a-rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Oh, rock-a my soul.
Chorus and soloists perform the hushed, intense "I Been 'Buked," which opens Revelations; the joyously swaggering "Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham," which invariably brings audiences to their feet at the work's close; and everything in between with zest, commitment, and plangency.
And it's not just the bosom of Abraham that swings gently in tune to the hymns.
At their death, Lazarus is borne away by angels to rest in the bosom of Abraham in heaven, while Rich Man Dives is ferried to hell, where his perpetually parched throat becomes his unending punishment and his anguish increases to the point of making him beg Abraham to send Lazarus with a cooling drop of water.
The innocent victims of these tragedies are probably "reveling in the bosom of Abraham," while we, the survivors, have to deal with the grief and loss and futilely wrestle with the mystery that is the "problem of evil.