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covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


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"When my friend asked her to play with me she said mum's always sleeping," remembered Bosky. This hit her hard and was Bosky's much needed push, that pushed her to train hard, eat healthy, and completely change her lifestyle.
Sutton and her colleagues from the University of Texas, Austin--Department of Sociology graduate student Amanda Bosky and professor of sociology Chandra Muller--found that high-school training in blue-collar communities reduces both men's and women's odds of enrolling in a four-year college, but leads to different outcomes for males and females when they look for jobs.
Bosky Optics - A designer and manufacturer of premium eyewear products using natural, renewable materials, which already is selling a line of wooden sunglasses and bioplastic goggles.
"Out on what were the squelchy red muds, bluebell woods, beech-clad hillocks and bosky blackberry hedgerows of the ancient parish of Llanederyn, prices have collapsed and nothing sells.
Corvallis, OR, July 24, 2014 --( Bosky, an eyewear company dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials in their products, is turning wood eyewear into a canvas.
The marble busts, on their pedestals, seem to enjoy the bosky shade.
Bosky and colleagues in 2009 showed that the increases in mineral density and decreased fracture risk associated with bisphosphonate treatment may be counterbalanced by a decrease in tissue heterogeneity, which could impair tissue mechanical properties.
Bosky, Note, Defamation in the Internet Age: Missouri's Jurisdictional Fight Begins with Baldwin v.
I'm scared but I'm tough and I'll overcome my fears to do this." Bosky Arora, 33, owner of The Lisa Collection store, said: "Laxmi is a wonderful confident girl, I hope I can help her gain some independence.
Monir AU, Gundberg CM, Yagerman SE, van der Meulen MCH, Budell W, Bosky AL, et al.
In truth, I love it, and have done ever since my days in the bosky dells and rolling hills of rural Wales - a landscape not a million miles away from Tolkien's mythical Shire, I always thought.
(133.) See e.g., Amanda Bosky, Comment, Ashes to Ashes.
Oh to be in England - well you can visit No 8 in the bosky cul de sac that The Spinney and then drive along Kenilworth Road and left on to Beechwood Road for 10 more super Earlsdon gardens.
In this regard, she said, she has bought Peshawari Chappal (Sandal), Silky suit (Bosky) and some other things for Shahrukh Khan.