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a small wooded area

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Bosk argues that bioethics as a field solidifies notions that what can go wrong in medicine concerns moral values, rather than structural arrangements, power, privilege, and authority.
Bosk, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics.
Arrayed around and wedged through it are a series of smaller, orthogonally shaped elements in effective counterpoint: a bridge to bring the visitor across a grassed moat to a duo of rectangular entrance courts, a long, thickened screen wall which doubles as an outdoor display, an entrance canopy initiating an architectural promenade through the exhibition, a long switchback ramp returning the visitor to the north-south axis of movement and a view to the lake and forest outside, an exterior exhibition and service shed focusing that view as well towards a gridded bosk of trees.
Classic studies such as Charles Bosk's Forgive and Remember, Renee Anspach's study of the neonatal intensive care unit, and Daniel Chambliss' study of hospital nursing provide other examples of how social science researchers' descriptions of institutional context can reveal the factors that impede or promote moral action within complex institutions.
The Institutionalization of Genetic Ethics: As in the case of several earlier major technical developments in medicine (Fox (1990), Bosk (1992), Machado (1998, 2001), among others), one sees the emergence of formal ethical regulation: institutionalized concepts, norms, committees and other institutional arrangements directed at regulating the introduction and systematic application of gene techniques.
Ray DeVries and Charles Bosk consider how best to manage another kind of oversight role--that taken by bioethicists who provide consultations to pharmaceutical companies.
Bosk in his study of surgeons' responses to error, Forgive and Remember: Managing Medical Failure.
Bosk Funeral Home, 85 Blossom Street, Fitchburg, MA is assisting the family.
Bosk's classic sociological study, Forgive and Remember: Managing Medical Failure, provides detailed descriptions of forgiveness norms and practices among surgeons.
Funeral Home: Bosk Funeral Home 85 Blossom St., Fitchburg
Charles Bosk, in his ethnographic study of surgeons, documents the absolute power of attending surgeons over their subordinates and the autonomy they have both within their own services and across disciplines.
Died Sunday, November 27, 2011.Funeral Home: Bosk Funeral Home 85 Blossom St., Fitchburg
Virginia Sharpe, who directs the project, discussed the concept of responsibility and the systems approach to medical error; Mary Ann Bally examined ethics, economics, and the role of government in patient safety; Kenneth DeVille offered a conceptual and ethical analysis of errors, mistakes, slips, and oversights; Charles Bosk examined the sociology of and the research tradition on medical error; and literary critic and poet Sandra Gilbert, whose husband died as a result of a medical error, told of the challenge of both writing and righting this wrong.
Bosk Funeral Home, 85 Blossom St., Fitchburg is assisting the family.