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Synonyms for forest

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Synonyms for forest

establish a forest on previously unforested land

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The Gerard van Keulen and Johannes van Keulen maps (1697-1726 and 1753 respectively) depicting Willem de Vlamingh's charting of a section of the Western Australian coastline also show various descriptors: near the Swan River "Vol boomen en bossaghien" (Full of trees and boscages); and further north "Heel Doragtig Landt" (Very Barren Land), "Roode en zeer kenbare hoek" (Red and very recognisable point), "Hooge roode schorre Zandhoek" (High red rough, steep Sand(y) point) (3), and "Steyle Hoek" (Steep Point).
Boscage bids to extend his unbeaten run in Bath's Free Grand National Betting Conditions Stakes.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Chicita Banana, 2.45 Leading Edge, 3.20 Onemix, 3.55 Boscage, 4.30 Espy, 5.05 Captain Carey.
But the dogs had been barking about another Johnston runner and Boscage duly obliged as the 6-5 favourite on his debut.
The Middleham maestro also holds solid claims with Boscage in the Visit Nottinghamshire The Home Of Robin Hood Stakes.
In letter after letter sent from the brutal combat of the boscage, across France, and at the gates of Germany, it appears that Dawson knew what was happening to his mind and morale, even as it occurred.
Tape recorder in one hand, address book in the other, he scoured the rich boscage of New York culture in search of people who were then heroes to a younger generation: "I assembled all that was of interest to me and the group of artists I was a part of at the time [including Sol LeWitt, Dan Graham, Mel Bochner, Eva Hesse, Robert Smithson, Ruth Vollmer, and Peter Hutchinson] in a kind of election of ancestors and contemporaries, held together in several conceptual schemata, cross-referenced through traditions and themes, and summarized in the language of set theory." Thus he convinced Marcel Duchamp to read "The Creative Act" and some texts from "A L'Infinitif." He recorded the psychoanalyst Charles R.
43v, 44r).(41) The example that he cites is the anonymous 'Toute seule passerai le vert boscage', which turns out to be a normal eight-line rondeau and so has the rhyming scheme ABaAabAB (the capitals represent the refrain) in which the lines of the additamenta agree in rhyme and metre with the refrain.(42) There is no doubt, then, that by rotundellus Grocheo means 'rondeau'.