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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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CWO2 Corey Chisholm wrote this story while assigned as the Air Bos'n onboard the USS Peteliar (LHA-5)
The JBD modules are spraying salt water all over the aircraft," explains the bos'n.
A brass plate on the plinth is inscribed thus: "To Phillip Jones, On his retirement from the club, Bos'n 1968-1985".
Fortunately the captain and bos'n - Mrs Tredegar and her gardener - are welcoming and a fine time is had by all.
Knorr's bos'n wouldn't allow Leinen to assist with the deployment of the coring gear because women, he said, were a distraction on the fantail.
Allen is an able-bodied seaman who served this spring as bos'n during the academy's two-month training cruise up and down the Pacific Coast.