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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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Variations of boatswain include bosun, bos'n, bo's'n or bo'sun.
As a bos'n aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Reyna's voice--er, his pipe's whistle--is heard throughout the day, sending out orders and commands to crew members over the ship s 1MC.
CWO2 Corey Chisholm wrote this story while assigned as the Air Bos'n onboard the USS Peteliar (LHA-5)
"The JBD modules are spraying salt water all over the aircraft," explains the bos'n. "And several modules show cracked and flaking hard coat surfaces.
It would help anchor a bos'n chair, which would be suspended on ropes from the top of the clift.
A brass plate on the plinth is inscribed thus: "To Phillip Jones, On his retirement from the club, Bos'n 1968-1985".
Fortunately the captain and bos'n - Mrs Tredegar and her gardener - are welcoming and a fine time is had by all.
Knorr's bos'n wouldn't allow Leinen to assist with the deployment of the coring gear because women, he said, were a distraction on the fantail.
A third example of heedful interrelating is of special interest because so much of it appears to involve the mind of one individual, in this case, the person responsible for deck operations (the bos'n).