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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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The JBD modules are spraying salt water all over the aircraft," explains the bos'n.
It would help anchor a bos'n chair, which would be suspended on ropes from the top of the clift.
A brass plate on the plinth is inscribed thus: "To Phillip Jones, On his retirement from the club, Bos'n 1968-1985".
The change, towards the end of the Tale of the Seaboard, from the almost constant use of the nickname Nostromo (the bos'n, but also "our trustworthy man") to the surname and new rank of Captain Fidanza ("the faithful Captain" or "Captain Trusty"), and the ironic allusion to its exact opposite, prove to be quite an eloquent understatement.
Fortunately the captain and bos'n - Mrs Tredegar and her gardener - are welcoming and a fine time is had by all.
Knorr's bos'n wouldn't allow Leinen to assist with the deployment of the coring gear because women, he said, were a distraction on the fantail.
Allen is an able-bodied seaman who served this spring as bos'n during the academy's two-month training cruise up and down the Pacific Coast.
The bos'n is dealing with collective mind when he represents the capabilities and weaknesses of imagined crewmembers' responses in his thinking, when he tailors sequences of activities so that improvisation and flexible response are activated as an expected part of the day's adaptive response, and when he counts on the interrelations among crewmembers themselves to "mind" the day's activities.