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tall fast-moving dog breed

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But as the trust - the UK's largest dog welfare charity which has 19 rehoming centres across the UK - has only taken in two borzois in the past seven years and the leggy litter are the first ever borzois to be cared for by the Bridgend team, staff have their work cut out finding suitable homes able to accommodate dogs of their size and nature.
In her first BIF, she ran with a Ridgeback, and when she won, she was with a Pharaoh Hound and a Borzoi. She is focused on the lure, untroubled by the other dogs, and smiling the whole time she is running.
This is just one passage: "A person shall not cause or suffer to enter or remain in the pleasure ground any greyhound belonging to him or in his charge, unless it is muzzled or kept on a lead, or any dog of the wolfhound, Alsatian, Afghan, borzois, mastiff, Newfoundland, great Dane, retriever, or Irish setter breed or type unless such dog be kept on a lead."
Margaret Manning, 65, told RSPCA inspectors the borzois were insane and would not eat.
When medics and state troopers answered the emergency call that morning, they had no clue they were about to stumble onto the wolfhounds, also called Borzois. Three were tiny puppies, their eyes not yet open.
Her particular passion was for borzois, Russian wolfhounds, and she exhibited the animals at Crufts each year.
From the circle of Columbus to the Monument of Napoleon we have but a twenty-minute perambulation--a stroll among, upon the right hand, the toot-tooting taxis, the eager knickerbockers all helter and skelter; and, upon the left, the ladies with borzois, the lasses and lads with their wooden hoops.
Farmworkers were rewarded for kills and the rest were cleaned up by a dog pack specially bred by crossing fox-hounds, lurchers and borzois. Ohlsson saw himself as a wildlife conservationist, creating an environment in which sheep, exotic deer and rare antelope, including the still-threatened bontebok, could flourish.
As well as bearded collies, the Japanese are keen on chihuahuas, labradors, borzois and dachshunds.
1 KENNETH ANGER, PUCE MOMENT (1949) Named for the elusive color of flea blood (red-violet to dark, purplish brown), this six-minute sketch for Anger's imagined feature Puce Women began as a lovely, gossamer trifle featuring Yvonne Marquis as a silent-movie-era LA starlet lost in a daydream with her four borzois. In the late 1960s, Anger rereleased the film, replacing the original Puccini score with a strangely expository psychedelic sound track by Jonathan Halper, and created a bohemian masterpiece.
At the same time, however, heavier, active dogs do have a greater chance of being affected (exceptions are Greyhounds, Borzois and Great Danes) than a lighter-weight dog such as a miniature breed.