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tall fast-moving dog breed

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Organski, World Politics, Borzoi Books in Political Science, New York, Knopf, 1958.
Of course, you don't want to end up looking like a dog's dinner over the holidays and the contender for the best dressed dog in 1969 was six-month-old Borzoi Gold Dust who dressed for the Christmas party in a pink sequin shimmer suit.
Beverley Price, the centre's manager, said: "I was amazed to see them come in as in over 20 years working on the frontline of dog welfare I have never seen a borzoi handed in before and now we have five.
She involves the group in a swindle, asking them to pour out and relabel bottles of liquor; they play a game of "pass the parcel" with her dog's excrement as the surprise inside the parcel; as a climax to the story, she performs a striptease act for her inmates and lets her dog Ralphie bring her to her own personal climax ("That's it, you know what to do with your long probing red Borzoi tongue, don't you, Ralphie!," HM 20,202).
Price: PS895 From top: Greta Garbo, price PS1,495; an exotic Art Deco girl with her Borzoi hound, price PS995 and Hollywood actress Mary Brian, number five of a limited edition of 30, price PS895
Dog lovers will delight in this appealing story about a girl who helps raise Borzoi, Russian dogs trained to kill wolves.
La forma de hacer publicidad de Knopf fue muy innovadora en aquel tiempo; la creacion de la marca Borzoi Books y su asentamiento como garante de literatura intelectualmente exigente, iba acompanada de una configuracion muy elegante y artistica de los libros, lo que merecidamente le confirio la designacion de Books de Luxe.
Early in his career, Knopf said of his passion for books that he loved them "as physical objects," for how they looked as well as for what they contained (fall book list 1917), and Cather "liked the look of those early Borzoi books" ("Portrait of the Publisher," Lewis 109).
She said: "This was put into a scary perspective when I took Boris, my threeyear-old Borzoi, to have a check-up with his vet and, when weighing him, we found he was five stone, so my target is now to lose a Boris!" Instead of giving into the temptation of takeaways, especially her favourite of pizza, she now cooks more and uses a tiny amount of fat.
The author's research on the history of the period, the borzoi, the social classes, and the land is evident throughout the story and is well-documented in the bibliography.
Knopf's Borzoi is some sort of Swoosh: "Amid the literary chaos of the digital future," Jason wrote as recently as 2010, "readers will be guided by the imprints of reputable publishers ...