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tall fast-moving dog breed

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Recent sprints at Wolverhampton have been dominated by those with bags of early speed (Harry Up and Almaty Express made all in the two sprints at the last meeting on Tuesday) so pace horses like Borzoi Maestro have to be on the shortlist, and the six-year-old, who was once rated 84, has the ability to burn his rivals off from the front if on a going day
The stewards, who remarkably allowed the minor placings to stand in the nursery after fourth-placed Shank On Fourteen had been hampered, not once but twice, by Borzoi Maestro, who finished ahead of him in third.
Lisa Jones showed a cool head as she contended with a slipping saddle on Borzoi Maestro in the nursery and the 5lb claimer is a class act
Another man to land an across-the-card double was Robert Miles, who struck on Kaluana Court at Newmarket and then partnered Borzoi Maestro to an all-the-way success in the nursery.
Seb Sanders was the rider in form, completing a double on Borzoi Maestro and Noble Lady.
This one had to work rather harder for his length victory over Borzoi Maestro, but connections did not have to exert themselves at all at the post-race auction as - unlike last Friday's pyrotechnics when that day's winner Bettys Tribute cost a whopping 16,000gns to buy back - Only If I Laugh failed to attract a bid.
I went there the year Kris had won the Horris Hill, and saw such greats as One In A Million, Le Moss, Borzoi, Buckskin, Ardross, Oh So Sharp, Slip Anchor, Diesis and Connaught Bridge.
And as for the "special relationship", I must break the news to you that it's about your bond with your borzoi or the dental care of your poodle.
Since then her productions have featured several more horses, Russian Borzoi hunting dogs ("and lots of naked women in Rigoletto,"
The Borzoi Anthology of Latin American Literature, ed.
HE cost just pounds 800 and the race he won at Wolverhampton on Monday was only a seller - but, for Warwickshire trainer Gary Bridgwater, Borzoi Maestro is worth his weight in gold.
White said that he resembled a Borzoi hound--Sassoon epitomized the promise of the generation sacrificed on the battlefields of France, and spoke for it in verses that, along with those of his friends Wilfred Owen and Robert Graves, have forever defined the waste and the tragedy of trench warfare in the popular imagination.
One of the best pleasing things about a typewriter is its hidden little bell, which tings as the edge approaches Bell sounds: borzoi salivates.
Variously remembered as a greyhound and as a large bulldog, he was in fact a Borzoi.
Alfred Knopf also revered literature, Turner writes, but he sold it like Campbell's soup by using catchy slogans and his very own brand, Borzoi Books, to reach more readers.