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formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison

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Cardiff Prison, "The total population of our prisons and borstals," he said, "has risen in round figures from about 20,500 to 24,500 by the end of March last.
Axwell Park was an approved school staffed by teachers, instructors and domestic staff and was not in any way like a borstal which is secure and staffed by prison officers.
Before anyone starts shouting that Borstals do not work, then change them and make them work.
Historians have differed about the place occupied by Borstals in the history of penology.
Like Betjeman, they ruthlessly describe places as they are: thus the setting of Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, the finest Rococo fantasy in England, is a 'cultural sink in which successive governments have been able to drop prisons, borstals, army camps and sinister experimental institutions'.
Borstals took their name from a prison in which county?
There are more criminals in gaols and borstals of Britain today than ever before.
Borstals also achieved up to an 80 per cent success rate, as I recall.
Borstals were run like boarding schools in an attempt to reform young offenders.
Borstals or remand homes should be built so that the same young repeat offenders are not on the streets for the bobbies to deal with day after day, no more "slap on the wrist and off you go" mentality.
Man of The People Eamonn Holmes' plea for Borstals to be brought back attracted a pile of letters.
The total population of our prisons and borstals,' he said, 'has risen in round figures from about 20,500 to 24,500 by the end of March last.
We need zero tolerance on yob culture and tougher sentences for youngsters, including bringing back borstals and approved schools.
We have been lobbying Government to enable us to help improve opportunities for vulnerable children but boarding schools are not borstals or boot camps and a boarding education is not a panacea for the disruptive or the disaffected.