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formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison

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Whereas with Borstal Boy I don't start until six and the play ends at half eleven and at that stage I am tired, but my mind is still going.
The programmes aim to explore the impact on 18 to 23-year-old offenders of the 1930s borstal regime, which involved a busy schedule of 'physical and purposeful activity'.
Alt-Punk 4-piece The Borstal Babies will perform their own brand of snuff punk mayhem with a glut of original material containing the lads' quirky views on life; such tracks include Fake Tan Jan, Jesus is a Geordie and Fight Night.
Game shows, Dog Borstal, Master Chef and reality shows all have to have someone crying.
Chubby Brown ( real name Royston Vasey as in the hit comedy he inspired, League of Gentleman ( has come a long way since being abandoned by his mam and two years in Borstal.
Community leaders believe peer pressure is preventing the kids from changing their ways and a return to the old borstal system is the only option.
People were brought up to be honest and those who strayed knew that Borstal, the birch and the cat o'nine tails were all available.
District and Sessions Judge Nazir Ahmad Gujana, along with Civil Judge Ghulam Murtaza, visited three jails of Faisalabad and orderd for release of 65 prisoners from Central Jail, 26 from District Jail and six juveniles from Borstal Jail on their personal surety bonds.
President TEVTA Board of Management Suhail Bin Rashid said this during his visit to TEVTA center set up at Borstal Jail here.
The Borstal Babies will be delivering their first-ever headlining performance during a time when the North East's alternative music scene is in shock; with the sad news that Trillians Rock Bar and Legends have closed their doors for the last time.
THE governor of a borstal at the centre of a major abuse scandal was a leading member of a predatory sex gang, victims claimed last night.
AGRIM and startling picture of a "dreadful level of crime" resulting in a "flood of angry young men" crowding Britain's Borstal institutions, was presented by Lord Mancroft, Minister Without Portfolio, in the House of Lords last night.
What used to be pleasant areas for a walk or kick around with the children are now more like an episode of Dog Borstal while trying to avoid bounding hounds that owners can't control.
Put one in every borstal and prison and send the detainees up a ladder to jump off into a bucket; down they come one after the other, back up the ladder and repeat until the next shift takes over.
It was called the borstal system which started in the first decade of the last century and was abolished by the Criminal Justice Act of 1982, just about the time when the youth of this country went off the rails.