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formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison

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This is despite the fact that KP has enacted legislation called 'KP Borstal Institutions Act 2012'.
Later, Chief Minister visited Borstal Institute Juveniles Jail where superintendent jail was absent.
He said that as the work will take time to complete, the juvenile prisoners could not be transferred back to Borstal jail from Faisalabad prison.
Additional District and Sessions Judge Ghulam Rasool Chaudhry visited three jails of Faisalabad and directed to release 19 prisoners from Central Jail, five from District Jail and three juveniles from Borstal Jail on their personal surety bonds, a spokesman of Prisons Department said on Wednesday.
Sylvi Jane Wilhelmina Vaisanen-Glynn | They need to bring back borstals. They think they're untouchable because of their age, a stint in borstal would do them good.
According to officials sources Additional District and Session Judge Ghulam Rasool Chaudhary along with Judicial Magistrate Mohammad Abid Saturday visited Central, District and Borstal jails.
A Scots bad boy has credited ITV's Bring Back Borstal show with changing his life.
BRING BACK BORSTAL ITV, 9pm In the 1930s, borstal was a much-feared institution designed to reform young offenders by enforcing compulsory work, education, discipline and intense physical activity.
EIGHTEEN prison officers are due to be questioned by police as the investigation into Medomsley borstal becomes Britain's largest sexual and physical abuse inquiry.
1902: The first detention centre for young offenders was opened at the village of Borstal, Kent.
PUNK'S popularity continues to grow on Teesside with a Boro date for rockers The Borstal Babies.
IMOGEN Thomas has reportedly signed up for a role on Tool Academy, a kind of borstal for bad boyfriends.
Born in the middle of the Second World War, the fourth of six children, Grandfather explains the incidents of his life, and how he went 'from bad to worse', being passed from one school to another for bad behaviour, then graduating to petty thieving, until eventually, in his teens, he is sent to Borstal. It is here that his story really begins, and the description of life in the Borstal, the shape of the days, his homesickness, and his gradual accommodation to his new, constrained life are movingly told.
Behan, best known for his play, The Quare Fellow, and his book, Borstal Boy, spent eight years in prison for IRA activities, including the attempted murders of two Dublin detectives.