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a Russian or Polish soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation

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Also served was borsht, a soup made with beetroot, beef shank, cabbage, onions, potatoes and dill topped off with a scoop of sour cream and ohotnichi kolbaci (hunter's sausage).
I was glad I had run out of time in the preparations to go to any trouble to try to accommodate the Russian diet --although I'm not sure borsht and herring goes too well on a boat anyway.
This is the place to savor dishes like borsht, vareniky (a dumpling usually stuffed with potato and cheese, kind of a Ukrainian pierogi) and beef Stroganoff.
The 12-minute loop loosely resembles a 1950s Borsht Belt standup routine by a ring-in comic or illusionist, but given the surrounding dark gray floor and white walls, all the action seems to be taking place in an institution--whether modernist white cube or local insane asylum, take your pick--rather than a secluded resort in upstate New York where (surprise, surprise) this piece had its debut.
Frequently this relationship is parodic; but unlike, say, some of the macaronic Yiddish-English parodies Borsht Belt-era entertainers created a half century earlier, these texts are not self-mocking; rather, they constitute acts of cultural subversion, staking a claim on a cultural territory or sensibility widely thought of as alien to or incompatible with Yiddish.
When I think of what I miss most about Russia it is my family and the Borsht soup,' she told the Echo.
Support of all BORSHT (Battery, Over Power Protection, Ring Trip,
Borsht, shashlik, strawberries Romanoff, sauteed sturgeon, caviar and other Russian-style dishes are now on the menu (through April 20) at Impresario and Otto's Grill at the Music Center in honor of the local appearance of Russian conductor Valery Gergiev.