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a Russian or Polish soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation

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Simon Cox, director of Borshch,said: "We have been supplying white goods for some time and we have some very loyal customers.
In the early 1960s they promoted the many uses of the new miracle vegetable, corn, such as green borshch with corn kernels and spinach with corn flakes.) (27)
All of the basic dishes are here, from holiday fare to the more everyday hrechana kasha (buckwheat gruel), holubtsi (cabbage rolls), pyrohy (dumplings), and borshch. The descriptions of preparation techniques are clear and practical.
Borshch Electric director Phil Cox said: "Ever since we moved in, it has always been an empty, derelict floor - there is no power or anything."
"The council sympathises with the position that Borshch Electric finds itself in due to the back-dated entries in the Rating List," he said.
Then comes borshch (beetroot soup) with vushka (boiled dumplings filled with chopped mushrooms and onions).
Perhaps borshch, a beet soup, would suffice, or, for the more adventurous and anaemic, kyshka sausage made from wheat and blood (I told you they were close to Transylvania).
BORSHCH AND SHCHI: A soup which is usually vegetable based.
"I want to see where she served that borshch and shchi he raved about." And off we go to inspect the kitchen, but of course, it's all been renovated.