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(informal) a resort area in the Catskill Mountains of New York that was patronized primarily by Jewish guests

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THOUGH HE HAD TO LEARN THE language by rote, Joel Grey borrowed heavily from that child of the Yiddish theatre, the Borscht Belt circuit.
Once colloquially referred to as the "Borscht Belt" and the "Jewish Alps," popular resorts like Grossinger's and The Concord were a one-stop-shop where families could spend three months enjoying a variety of activities while staying in one place.
That old Borscht Belt joke gets at something real: some experts are willing not only to sell their advice but to sell out their professions.
According to Timberman, that's another role he plays on set: "Adam is a killer joke-teller," she said, "even if his repertoire is of the Borscht Belt variety."
Citing examples from Heinrich Heine, Sholem Aleichem, Borscht Belt, and other literary and pop culture influences, she analyzes the functions of Jewish/Yiddish humor in addressing the anxieties of Jewish life, from insider jokes in the East European shtlel to comedy popular with general American audiences.
Which reminds me of something else funny, the kind of Borscht Belt joke they tell at an off-Broadway show now playing in New York, called "Old Jews Telling Jokes." A guy goes home early one day and finds his CPA in bed with his wife.
While Froman's novel “...lures readers into [a] satiric tale of smothering mothers, neurotic daughters and intense sibling rivalry through famous cinematic images and Borscht Belt humor,” it also “moves them through keenly observed characters and their emotional journey toward selfhood,” says author Susan Applebaum.
From Borscht Belt beginnings to the topical monologues of a Johnny Carson, comedians have reminded audiences that life can be seriously funny and current events can be scrutinized through a comic lens.
Every time I look at the existing IAAF policy, the old Borscht Belt joke comes to mind: "The food is so bad, and the portions are so small!" Such smart cooks can do better, and must.
The United States is represented by Joshua Cohen, whose Witz bears comparison, in both scope and accomplishment, to David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest--though with a bit of the Borscht Belt mixed in.
Critical actors in the transformation of this more positive representation into the familiar nagging Jewish mother of the late twentieth century were male "Borscht Belt" comics and male literary figures of the 1950s and 1960s.
Jon Stewart: It may be true that the Hebrew prophets used humor in that regard, but it was also used by Borscht Belt social directors.
When I looked for Robbins' "Bottle Dance" from the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof, I found the wonderful movie version, the equally wonderful cast of the 2004 revival performing it at the Tony Awards and, amazingly--since Robbins based the number on a borscht belt routine, not on folk traditions--several home-shot versions from actual Jewish weddings.
Sullivan County, which was home to many of the so-called Borscht Belt resorts, has lakes, rivers and farms, though not many downhill ski slopes.
Known in the nineteenth century for its hot springs and wealthy summer residents (the Vanderbilts, the Roosevelts, and Oscar Wilde among them), and for catering to affluent New York Jews in the twentieth, the village now resembles little more than a pit stop on the Borscht Belt nostalgia tour.