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(informal) a resort area in the Catskill Mountains of New York that was patronized primarily by Jewish guests

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Similarly imperfect, the perhaps fanciful analogy I hope to cultivate here between Brendan Behan and Borscht Belt comedians might also prove of explanatory value both in understanding Behan's appeal to American audiences in general and illuminating his comic strategies in particular.
These are the words of the Catskill Park Resource Foundation, which hopes to raise $5 million to help the region ditch its Borscht Belt past and move forward anew.
When I looked for Robbins' "Bottle Dance" from the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof, I found the wonderful movie version, the equally wonderful cast of the 2004 revival performing it at the Tony Awards and, amazingly--since Robbins based the number on a borscht belt routine, not on folk traditions--several home-shot versions from actual Jewish weddings.
Sullivan County, which was home to many of the so-called Borscht Belt resorts, has lakes, rivers and farms, though not many downhill ski slopes.
Known in the nineteenth century for its hot springs and wealthy summer residents (the Vanderbilts, the Roosevelts, and Oscar Wilde among them), and for catering to affluent New York Jews in the twentieth, the village now resembles little more than a pit stop on the Borscht Belt nostalgia tour.
Polak's impeccable delivery makes it sound like he just got back from the Borscht Belt.
With Jackie Mason's Famous Broadway Cheesecake, you get not only a dairy- and cholesterol-free dessert that's Kosher-Parve, but several samples of the comedian's timeless Borscht Belt humor.
Lansky's efforts are described anecdotally as his quest takes him all over the world from Boston, the Bronx and the Borscht Belt to the Baltics and beyond, wherever large communities of Jews once resided.
Woody refurbishes some of his old Borscht Belt jokes while playing card tricks for the Lyman family, "I was of the Hebrew persuasion," he tells them, "but converted to narcissism.
These Borscht Belt characters are perhaps a little too broad, but they're charming in their cluelessness.
He had the Borscht belt sexism and made it modern-day: "There are no women in the beat generation," he said, "just girls who have broken with their parents for the evening.
The Catskills are awash in nostalgia, the surest sign that the Borscht Belt era is dead and gone.
At such moments, he could be Myron Cohen in some borscht belt deconstruction of Heart of Darkness.
It was 1984, the Berlin Wall fell, Chinese demonstrators were massacred in Tiananmen Square, Samuel Beckett, Laurence Olivier and Lucille Ball died, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" won record of the year, the first World Wide Web server was developed - and 35 theatre artists led by Ron Marquette in New York City moved to Ellenville, NY in the old Borscht Belt hotel region when the vacant, art-deco Shadowland Theatre building was made available to the group as a home base.