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a Russian or Polish soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation

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ClickPress, Mon Mar 03 2014] Polish consumers frequently consume various types of soups, such as chicken broth, borsch and tomato soup, which positively affects sales within the soup category.
It is the most fabulous way to fly, because the more you fly, the more energy you have on board," says co-pilot Andre Borsch berg.
Taking a moment to agree this "term of art" is what we're currently stuck with, and we're really talking about "active murderers," he supported the current theory of Ohio SWAT trainer Ron Borsch, a single well-trained and committed officer can stop mass murders by himself with swift, positive intervention.
Prominent in the Vesterbro dining scene is the 100% eco-friendly restaurant BioMio: a wooden, open-kitchen affair fitted inside an old Borsch home appliances store.
According to a survey by Ohio-based law enforcement trainer Ron Borsch, such incidents - which he calls rapid mass murders - are on the rise.
Dr Alexander Borsch, head of economics & research at Deloitte Germany, suggests that, other than collapse, the Eurozone has four options to move forward.
The Ukrainian political borsch (soup) has got a bit more spicy.
My European Championship footballing experience was tickled with the soup dish which followed as Polish Borsch with raspberries arrived alongside smoked salmon with caviar on brioche.
Borsch - beetroot soup with smoked pork - is a traditional Ukrainian dish.
If you want to quote heroes in this situation, it's the men who were with me that morning," he says of fellow officers Cooper, Smith, Dugan, Borsch and Carpenter.
Acababa deshilachado y extinto, sudando borsch y cerveza, engullendo aire acondicionado.
BORSCH Regularly served at 2am as weddings come to a close, the idea being to sober people up for another onslaught the next day.
Many international players will join the show, including Podium, Challenge, 4zA, Robert Borsch, Bobike, in addition to the frequent participants.
Stadium: Turk Telekom Arena Referees: Felix Brych, Thorsten Schiffner, Mark Borsch (Germany) Turkey: Volkan Demirel, Gokhan Gonul (Mn.
I think of his mother hitting him over the head with a biscuit tin lid and them both laughing, his efforts to repair the sitting room door with Pritt Stick, his ability to both be transported by and to explain classical music, his pleasure in the fine things in life - The Maldives, a Rover, Borsch and Cheers in Beauchamp Place, his utter weakness for wine, women and song.