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a Russian or Polish soup usually containing beet juice as a foundation

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Such inflorescences have been described as globose heads, subglobose or short to elongate capitate or glomerate spikes by some authors (Standley, 1917; Meats, 1977; Eliasson, 1987; Henrickson, 1987; Borsch, 200l).
Writing (as an "Orientalist") in the early years of the twenty-first century, Borsch contrasts what he takes to be the entirely forward-looking and enlightened responses of the English landholding classes (no mention of the Church as holder of 20-25% of the land of England) to the demographic hemorrhages caused by the bubonic plague in and after 1348 / 49 with (2) the initiative-stifling responses made by the land-holders of Egypt, the Mamluk ruling elite.
Borsch's examination of the Black Death's impact on Egypt and England.
Linda Perratt, the current occupant of Cree Lodge stables in Ayr where Angus formerly trained, said yesterday: "I trained three horses for Nigel - Balwearie, Borsch and Seafield Towers - and he was a great trainer, a first-class owner and a top-class guy in every shape and form.
* Enjoy Russian cuisine, which goes well beyond borsch and caviar with blini; gastronomically, Moscow has become as sophisticated a capital as any in Europe.
Do I feel like a bowl of Miso Soup ($4.50) or Russian Style Borsch ($5-95)?
But those old Politburo Cold warriors would choke on their borsch if they saw the kinky Young Communist Pioneer uniforms worn by the waitresses.
Michael Emerson, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), said that the summit agreement contained a list of 400 bulleted action points that the 'normal citizen' would perceive as "Euro-Russki diplomatic-bureaucratic borsch".
"Most of the Japanese seem to like Russian foods like borsch and belini, and we serve a lot of fish and rice because we know they like them." Besides, adds Morikawa, most Japanese visitors remember wartime, when life was much tougher, so they don't have problems visiting modern-day Sakhalin.
Instead in amongst its pages are exotica such as goulash, lamb hot pot and borsch, the kind of things most students only see between term time when they're at home with their feet under their parents' table.
Our author epitomizes the intent of his work by quoting a paragraph from Frederick Borsch, one of the scholars who made a valiant effort to uncover the meaning of the Son of Man title or phrase in the Synoptic Gospels.
Borsch: How does Tecan view physicians' office laboratories, one of the fastest-growing laboratory segments?
Over the past decade several authors have described successful outcomes for students receiving collaborative speech-language services (Bland & Prelock, 1995; Borsch & Oaks, 1992; Falk-Ross, 1997; Farber & Klein, 1999; Throneburg et al., 2000).
A We think that you don't eat schii (a hot soup made with cabbage) or borsch (a hot soup made with red beet).