borrowing cost

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the cost of borrowing something

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One such alternative--a single-price and open auction-- holds the promise of enhancing participation in the auction and exposing attempts to manipulate the market, thereby narrowing the possibility of manipulation and producing lower Treasury borrowing costs.
The state-controlled retailer launched the repricing exercise last month, one of a string of UAE companies to cut their borrowing costs in recent months by refinancing loans with cash-flush local banks.
Global Banking News-January 10, 2014--Peru leaves borrowing costs unchanged
It is noteworthy that Cyprus could reduce its borrowing cost from the excessive levels of 2013 (of up to 14 per cent) to 3.
Borrowing cost capitalization under IAS 23R begins when the reporting entity first incurs expenditures for the asset; incurs borrowing costs; and undertakes activities that are necessary to prepare the asset for its intended use or sale.
Global Banking News-10 May 2010-Barclays says US borrowing costs could increase(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
The post Post-bailout Cyprus may see borrowing costs rise again appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Global Banking News-May 25, 2015--Chinese central bank lowers borrowing costs
The forecast for borrowing costs for 2013 had been 89 billion euros but the estimate now is 83 billion euros.
Euro zone leaders should do more to help lower Italy's borrowing costs, the country's prime minister Mario Monti said in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper on Tuesday.
22 November 2011 - Moody's may downgrade the outlook of France's AAA credit rating in case of continuing rise in the government borrowing costs, slowing growth coupled with the effects of the eurozone debt crisis, the rating agency said on Monday.
THE FTSE 100 Index suffered its fifth losing session in a row yesterday as high borrowing costs for Italy and Spain fuelled fears of a eurozone meltdown.
The FTSE 100 Index was flat after Italian borrowing costs remained at unsustainable levels as premier-designate Mario Monti fought to assemble a new government to steer Italy through its debt crisis.
INVESTORS deserted the markets yesterday after a jump in Italy's borrowing costs pushed the country into "bailout territory".
Summary: ATHENS, April 21, 2010, SPA -- Greece&'s borrowing costs skyrocketed to new record highs Wednesday as the government began crucial talks on the details of a rescue package for the debt-ridden country, AP reported.