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someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent

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For salary transfer loans, the borrower's salary must be paid into an account at the bank that issued the loan.
In other words, under those circumstances, the borrower would have personal liability.
Among them, borrower's counsel must assure the bank that the borrower was duly organized, that the loan documents were duly executed, duly authorized by all necessary corporate action, and will create a valid security interest in the assets of the borrower that are pledged as the collateral for the loan.
Economic Hardship Deferment: When calculating family size to determine whether borrowers qualify, the rules would define a family as the borrower, spouse and children who receive most of their support from the borrower--and anyone else residing with the borrower and relying on him or her for more than half of their financial support.
If a mortgage broker or lender wants an attest report from you, then you may audit, review or compile the personal financial statements of the borrower, you may report on pro forma or prospective financial information of the borrower, or you may perform and provide to the client and lender an agreed-upon procedures report, as long as the agreed-upon procedures do not provide any assurance on matters relating to solvency.
Most of these earliest deals were small, in the $5 million to $20 million range, and were often underwritten based on the borrower's excess asset values in the event of a loan workout or liquidation.
Payments are not due while a borrower is in school, or during a sixmonth grace period following enrollment.
While few borrowers know exactly how long they will have their mortgage, an estimate of the cost based on their best guess of their tenure is far better than basing the decision on the interest rate or the initial monthly payment, which can easily lead a borrower astray.
Before answering that question, commercial mortgage lenders need to fully understand the transaction, review the borrower's credentials, and analyze the commercial property.
The table presents the total loan balance in each fiscal year (over $1.1 trillion in 2014) and the total number of borrowers (roughly 42.8 million in 2014); it also disaggregates those figures into the shares of loans and borrower types each year.
The challenges in providing borrower customer service for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans is even more daunting, with multiple parties involved in credit-related decisions including the primary, master and special servicers; controlling class holders; and rating agencies.
As they are done today, the association's head said, restructurings result in driving borrowers having to sign new agreements, through which banks and co-ops secure multiple benefits for themselves, like the borrower's acknowledgment of the alleged amount due, which may include significant overcharges and requests for additional collateral.
5 June 2014 - The financial health of prospective borrowers dipped slightly in 1Q14 according to North Carolina US-based online loan site LendingTree's Borrower Health Report.
That system is USA Funds Borrower Connect[TM], a web-based software system that automates telephone, letter, and email communication with student borrowers.