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a pit created to provide earth that can be used as fill at another site

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A key factor in determining whether a site is a borrow pit also includes whether the site is intermittent, or a continuous-use site.
The material was trucked off site to use around foundations or yards, and under the MSHA-OSHA agreement, the material should be used on land "relatively near the borrow pit.
The work to be performed under option item one provides for construction of: (1) a fully designed and permitted four lane divided roadway from Brewster Boulevard to Wallace Creek as part of the base entry road project; (2) borrow pits managed and in full compliance.
OTCBB:SSVC) ("Star"), today announced the signing of a Lease and Borrow Pit Agreement (the "Agreement") with Copans Lakeview Venture Partnership of Florida.
Import fill from borrow pits 1, 2 & 3 and rough grade plant site area