borrow pit

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a pit created to provide earth that can be used as fill at another site

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However a landscape design statement states: "The Borrow Pit (provides) an opportunity to create lakeside residences, community facilities and recreational space.
The exhibition showed artist's impressions of various elements of the sites - including The Harbour at The Borrow Pit. The two authorities are due to make their decisions at a later date.
County board member John Martin, who represents the area outside Geneva where the course will sit, said the borrow pit is insurance to keep the project moving.
A key factor in determining whether a site is a borrow pit also includes whether the site is intermittent, or a continuous-use site.
Specially elected Councillor Jenamiso Jerry and Mapoka-Nlapkhwane ward councillor Paulos Nkoni pleaded with government not to terminate the contract citing that government had failed to release borrow pits for the contractor to mine gravel.
They checked the tarmac road, campsite, fueling pump, stone crusher and borrow pits.
Every quarter-mile or so, the crossed-shovel symbol indicating "borrow pits" showed up on the map in this logging-intensive area.
There are seven borrow pits allotted to the contractor (CCC/CSEC Joint Venture) for the construction of Gaborone-Boatle road project.