borrow pit

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a pit created to provide earth that can be used as fill at another site

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The material was trucked off site to use around foundations or yards, and under the MSHA-OSHA agreement, the material should be used on land "relatively near the borrow pit.
However, that distance is not defined under the agreement, and Judge Feldman said the "the transportation of the bulk material, in and of itself, does not negate a borrow pit characterization .
OTCBB:SSVC) ("Star"), today announced the signing of a Lease and Borrow Pit Agreement (the "Agreement") with Copans Lakeview Venture Partnership of Florida.
Borrow Pits are the small lakes that are created by developers when they excavate for aggregate used in foundations, roadbeds or other construction purposes.
The Three Sisters Treatment Wetland project involves the creation of an approximately six-acre stormwater treatment wetland and the restoration of a small portion of a borrow pit to a hardwood forested wetland (Hydric Hammock) approximately one-acre in size.
Heavy haul road, plant area roads, patrol roads and borrow pit access roads
There are seven borrow pits allotted to the contractor (CCC/CSEC Joint Venture) for the construction of Gaborone-Boatle road project.
Contract Awarded for The construction of a road, borrow pits, two bridges, foundation piling and pile load testing at Marine Corps Base