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a salt of boric and silicic acids

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Boron compounds are used in several industrial applications such as borosilicate glass, fiberglass, agriculture, ceramics, and detergents and soaps.
The introduction of Termisil products to the UAE market brings with it a wide range of Casseroles, Grill & Drop Casseroles, Roasters, Measuring Jugs, Borosilicate Glass Tea Pots, Cup & Saucers and Salad Bowls, with the aim of revolutionizing the way in which food and drink are handled, both inside the kitchen and out of it.
All Hobie sunglass models in the Heritage Collection feature HydroClean technology, which is composed of high-quality, lightweight Borosilicate glass coated with Hobie's polarized film technology, then enhanced with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings to shed water, dust and reflections.
She has adopted a technique called flame working - which uses a flame of up to 1,200 degrees centigrade - to sculpt pieces from tubes and rods made of borosilicate.
When it comes to glass laboratory vessels, many conventional or routine applications can rely on the adequate proficiency of common borosilicate materials, also known by the Pyrex brand name.
Horvath said that the exceptional purity of quartz is unsurpassed in the glass industry, and is superior to borosilicate products.
Horvath said that the exceptional purity of quartz is unsurpassed in the glass industry, and are much superior to borosilicate products.
The cylindrical body of the loader has a center section of borosilicate glass.
French scientists summarize results from their research into hollandite, zirconolite, zirconolite-base glass-ceramics, and borosilicate glasses as matrices in which to store highly radioactive nuclear waste for a very long time.
One of the couple's surprises on opening their studio in Eugene was finding Conrad Williams' glass work confused with the widespread borosilicate glass art produced in the counterculture community here.
Made from 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone, the teapot has a capacity of 11 ounces, or 2 cups of tea.
The structure is formed with Ruffner's characteristic lampworked (using a torch to melt and fuse glass), transparent borosilicate glass.
Construction is stainless steel and 5-mm-thick borosilicate glass.
All grades are constructed with the proven technology of borosilicate microfiberglass that offers the highest level of coalescence at the lowest pressure drop.
Lead and cadmium in printing inks, for the application of enamels on borosilicate glass, will be allowed.