born-again Christian

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a Christian who has experienced a dramatic conversion to faith in Jesus

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Suddenly he changed when his born-again Christian cousin brought him to their church and he turned into this very conservative 'spiritual' person.
Pacquiao, 36, became a born-again Christian in late-2012 and his newfound faith affected the way he conducted his business in the ring, noted Roach who has been in Pacquiao's corner since 2001.
For his part, Manny got the approval of Top Rank Promotions for born-again Christian pastors to sing the Philippine national anthem, in the process ditching American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez.
True faith, according to Pope, comes by learning the loving paternal nature of God's character toward each and every person, which he says reveals that all people can and should become born-again Christians.
Anybody tempted to be taken in by the sanctimoniously homophobic Evander Holyfield should try and imagine what sort of country we would be living in if it was controlled by born-again Christians.
I'm not a Catholic, but as a born-again Christian and a brother in Christ, I will support you and any other courageous Catholic in the fight against homosexual immorality and the highjacking of freedom of speech by homosexual extremists.
A BOY band heart-throb will visit a Coventry church on Saturday to talk about how he became a born-again Christian.
I had a woman at the Sundance Film Festival stand up after the screening and say, "First, I'm a born-again Christian," and I sort of thought, OK, here it comes.
JAMES Bulger killer Jon Venables has become a born-again Christian.
It uses a similar point/counterpoint argument pattern to survey the importance of reason in life's realities, comes from an author who was a born-again Christian in his youth, and provides an offset and counterpart to Warren's scripture-driven analysis, offering a critical approach to Warren's title and offering arguments for the use of reason as a tool for developing moral maturity.
In between he was a psychedelic prophet, a born-again Christian, and an Orthodox Jew.
Another shock from Cleaver arrived in the late 1970s when he announced that he had seen Jesus Christ in the Mediterranean moonlight; it marked the emergence of a born-again Christian, who would soon be on his knees praying with a jailed member of President Nixon's cabinet.
He's an entrepreneur who makes money off a goofy talent, a self-described ex-hippie who dabbled in drugs but once held a top-secret military clearance, a born-again Christian who uses his elastic voice to speak the gospel.
I know, as a born-again Christian, I will have to forgive the young men involved in this horrific tragedy to be able to get into Heaven.
A born-again Christian whose physical appearance suggested a violent past, K was a veteran of the Rhodesian Light Infantry.