born-again Christian

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a Christian who has experienced a dramatic conversion to faith in Jesus

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Pacquiao, 36, became a born-again Christian in late-2012 and his newfound faith affected the way he conducted his business in the ring, noted Roach who has been in Pacquiao's corner since 2001.
( Boxing News 2014: Born-Again Christian Pastors Get Top Rank OK To Sing National Anthem
The born-again Christian claimed having chronic anaemia made it too difficult for her to give a blood sample.
Born-again Christian Glancy, who now lives in Scunthorpe, Humberside, prayed as Sheriff Kenneth MacIver placed him on 18 months probation.
In trying to redeem what he calls his misspent youth, Bush says he has become a born-again Christian. He once reportedly argued with his mother, Barbara Bush, saying that non-Christians could not go to heaven.
Mark Chapman, 45, is a born-again Christian and has been a model inmate at New York's notorious Attica prison.
"Barry believed very strongly in God and country, but he was not a born-again Christian. His dad was Jewish, and his mom Christian, so he knew the importance of religious diversity."
Paddy was a born-again Christian and had expressed fears to his mother Josie on the night of his death about his holiday on Rhodes.
While in prison, Colson became a born-again Christian and after his release founded Prison Fellowship.
An international campaign for clemency began after she married a priest in prison - and claimed to have become a born-again Christian.
But born-again Christian McCurry has insisted his unshakeable faith will see him through.
Born-again Christian Hoddle hid the break-up pain as he returned after the team's match in Italy.
On the subject of paramilitary prisoners, quite a few young "loyalists" first became involved after hearing blood and thunder sermons; the late Billy Wright was described by many as a true born-again Christian.
In 1989, 12 years after starting his career as a special education teacher, Marchi became a born-again Christian and began praying with students, using the Bible in class and displaying religious posters on classroom walls.
Born-again Christian John, 54, said: "I think I could get out of Black what he may or may not have done."