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spiritually reborn or converted

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The author argues that these events provided a platform for an unknown state governor, a self-described born-again Christian named Jimmy Carter, to upset the sitting president and precipitate the rise of the "arch-nemesis" Christian Right.
htm) Boxing News 2014: Born-Again Christian Pastors Get Top Rank OK To Sing National Anthem
8220;Prayerfully, this little book will help change billions of hearts,” Pope decrees, “and will encourage, equip and empower people to become born-again believers, and to realize, embrace and faithfully enforce the truth of God's love and Spirit in them.
A source revealed: "He first approached the church about 18 months ago, but it is only in the last two months that he has become a born-again Christian.
In between he was a psychedelic prophet, a born-again Christian, and an Orthodox Jew.
The film's subject and born-again Renaissance man Christian Hosoi called down the blessings in a speech that was as impassioned as it was lengthy.
Additionally, teenagers who considered themselves born-again Christians at Wave 1 had reduced odds of retracting a virginity pledge (0.
Another shock from Cleaver arrived in the late 1970s when he announced that he had seen Jesus Christ in the Mediterranean moonlight; it marked the emergence of a born-again Christian, who would soon be on his knees praying with a jailed member of President Nixon's cabinet.
The devout born-again Christian was a chief author of the antigay language in the Republican Party platform in 2004 and a supporter of a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
He's an entrepreneur who makes money off a goofy talent, a self-described ex-hippie who dabbled in drugs but once held a top-secret military clearance, a born-again Christian who uses his elastic voice to speak the gospel.
It tracked down Grange Hill actors from the 1986 cast, got them to sign a Grange Hill annual, interviewed them on camera - and then staged a special one-off gig featuring the born-again 'band' responsible for the anti-drug anthem Just Say No.
Whether the issue is divorce, materialism, sexual promiscuity, racism, physical abuse in marriage, or neglect of a biblical worldview, the polling data point to widespread, blatant disobedience of clear biblical moral demands on the part of people who allegedly are evangelical, born-again Christians," writes Sider, a professor of theology, holistic ministry, and public policy at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, near Philadelphia.
IT seems that some sunshine must be on its way judging by the Record's article about born-again bikers.
95) presents the mysterious murder of a reality TV crew member--by Cheyenne arrow--and the suspect is the sheriff's half brother whose Amerind heritage made him a born-again Cheyenne with a bad temper.
BORN-again bikers are putting lives at risk on rural roads, posing a greater threat than boy racers.