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Synonyms for born-again

spiritually reborn or converted

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The number of born-again churches in Uganda has grown exponentially in the last decade.
The author argues that the leaders of the nation's mainstream religions joining Graham on the dais set the stage for "born-again Christianity" as a vital force in American society.
( Boxing News 2014: Born-Again Christian Pastors Get Top Rank OK To Sing National Anthem
“Prayerfully, this little book will help change billions of hearts,” Pope decrees, “and will encourage, equip and empower people to become born-again believers, and to realize, embrace and faithfully enforce the truth of God's love and Spirit in them.”
Many evangelicals believe that a "born-again" experience is necessary for a full appreciation of the Christian faith.
In an African world believed to be filled with benevolent and malevolent spiritual powers, the Born-Again churches have attracted much support, including within the political arena, because of their offer of religious power of the Christian kind.
A BOY band heart-throb will visit a Coventry church on Saturday to talk about how he became a born-again Christian.
JAMES Bulger killer Jon Venables has become a born-again Christian.
"These born-again riders had bikes in their youth, but now high-powered machines are capable of much greater speeds," said Sgt Brown.
In the first, a born-again ex-convict, having served 20 years for the confessed murder of his pregnant wife, is found dead in the Arizona desert with all his fingers cut off.
In between he was a psychedelic prophet, a born-again Christian, and an Orthodox Jew.
The film's subject and born-again Renaissance man Christian Hosoi called down the blessings in a speech that was as impassioned as it was lengthy.
Additionally, teenagers who considered themselves born-again Christians at Wave 1 had reduced odds of retracting a virginity pledge (0.3), and youth who repudiated born-again Christianity at Wave 2 had elevated odds of doing so (2.8).
Another shock from Cleaver arrived in the late 1970s when he announced that he had seen Jesus Christ in the Mediterranean moonlight; it marked the emergence of a born-again Christian, who would soon be on his knees praying with a jailed member of President Nixon's cabinet.
The devout born-again Christian was a chief author of the antigay language in the Republican Party platform in 2004 and a supporter of a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.