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Synonyms for wedlock



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Synonyms for wedlock

the state of being united as husband and wife

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Synonyms for wedlock

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On mental health, Ms Charity Kennedy of Botswana Network for Mental Health said challenges affecting children born out of wedlock deprived them of their human rights.
Muscat: Society continues to look down upon children who were born out of wedlock, as some claim these children are seeds of the devil since they were born outside of marriage.
The laws of intestate succession in all fifty states provide that a child born out of wedlock is automatically his or her mother's legal child.
Although the language of [section] 744.301(1) favors the mother of a child born out of wedlock, the cases interpreting the statute have actually provided greater rights to a putative father than he would have been afforded under Ch.
There was a happy ending to a tragic story this week when a three-year-old Indian born out of wedlock was allowed to leave Bahrain and join his mother who had been deported without him when her sponsor found out she had a son.
If not, many a couple are 'living in sin' in Anglesey and their children 'born out of wedlock'!
Under the law of the day, the "responsible parent" was the father for a child born in wedlock but the mother for a child born out of wedlock. Therefore a child born abroad and out of wedlock prior to 1947 to a member of Canada's military would be excluded.
The top court's grand bench made the landmark decision in two separate cases, filed in 2003 by one such child and in 2005 by a group of nine who were born out of wedlock to Japanese fathers and Filipino mothers and who obtained recognition of the paternity of their fathers after birth.
It is also almost unbelievable that any government today can still encourage single-parent families by providing inappropriate social grants for babies born out of wedlock.
The result is all these poor children born out of wedlock who will never know the security of a proper family life.
It is written that the 20th century has seen the greatest decline in religion on record, part of which is connected with unmarried couples along with children born out of wedlock.
It is estimated that if this trend continues, more than half of all children born in the UK will be born out of wedlock by 2012.
In one section of his book, he says liberals screwed up by trying to protect children born out of wedlock from cuts in welfare.
For example, he argues that 80 percent of all children in Norway are born out of wedlock. Actually, just under 50 percent of births in that country are out of wedlock and the trend got underway in the 1970s, long before the nation began recognizing same-sex unions in 1993.