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In particular, there is a paucity of information on the morphology of their borings, how they bore into the bone, and how this affects the longevity of whale bones as substrates.
Borings in the bones were imaged and analyzed using X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT).
Osedax borings were identified as continuous cavities in modified bone tissue.
Geotechnology developed a geotechnical program for the 133-mile long alignment, which featured more than 500 borings and 14 HDD sites.
Geotechnical subsurface exploration involved drilling borings at one to 4-mile spaced intervals along overland areas and drilling four borings to predetermined depths at HDD crossings.
The goal of the present research is to describe for the first time the oldest known presumable commensal worm borings in the shells of articulate brachiopods.
The oldest macroborings in the world are Lower Cambrian Trypanites, which are small, simple borings that have been reported from archeocyathid reefs in Labrador (James et al.
To reduce raw material charge costs, Auburn began adding customer-supplied borings to their charge in August 1999.
The initial amount of borings introduced into the furnace represented 7.5% (1500 lb) of the total charge of 10 tons (eventually this was increased to 15% oily borings.) For Auburn, the makeup and positioning of the charge materials as they entered the furnace was critical.
Islamabad -- The illegal water boring was on rise in Federal Capital urban and rural areas.
Sources stared that water boring without getting no-objection certificate (NOC) was illegal and here in Federal Capital this unlawful business was on raise.