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extreme dullness

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I would like then, finally, to turn to Warhol's proto-structural films of the 1960s, which, in largely doing away with cross-cutting and thus with secondary identification, isolate primary identification--identification with the camera's look--in its insatiability, its endlessness (its boringness), and its essential perverseness.
The expression "being bored by something" attributes cause to an outside "thing, a book, a play, a ceremony," but this attribution rests in his view on a superficial assessment of "boringness" and thus cannot account for the tedium that exceeds any simple impulse "provoked" by an object (124, 82).
He can manage her boringness because the other hookup stuff is obviously enjoyable to him.
After some hesitation on the student's part, she asked if he might put it on a 1-to-10 scale of "boringness." Another student at his table says "11," and he says yes, and then changes his mind and says "no--a hundred." Laughter spreads across the classroom.
There is a very good reason that over 95 percent of elementary-school teachers are women, and that reason is to ensure that boys associate reading with femininity and boringness. It is HaShem's will.
One can only speculate, but my guess is that (1) Wallace was attracted to the IRS setting as an opportunity to explore, in the same book, both boredom and civic responsibility, and (2) he thought that the public's belief in the inherent and utter boringness of tax is so profound that readers would never question the notion of tax return examination as the ne plus ultra of workplace tedium.
It will still take a while until the first machines ascend into the air, and the scene turns into a spectacle of boringness. Finally, the machines are ready and the first flight begins: "20 meters above us, there is a human being caught in a wooden frame (Holzgestell) and reacts against a self-inflicted invisible danger.
"How exactly do you measure the level of excitement or boringness of a sport?" Loadman asks.
At the same time, because I understand racing - its unpredictability, its mystery, its occasional boringness, its absolute dependence upon history and myth, without which the Derby is just a dozen or so horses running downhill and round a bend - I also know that people won't fall in love with it just because it is offered to them on a plate.
In addition, the "boringness" of De la Rua appeared as value in comparison to Carlos Menem's high media profile, the continuous scandals about his private life and his relationship with local star-system.