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extreme dullness

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21) Those works do not offer the appeasements of a narrative motivation for their looking; they abandon us to the boringness, the relentlessness, of the "passion for perceiving" in its stripped back form.
I always say, "Helping others by building schools and hospitals" - that load of boringness always kills that question).
He can manage her boringness because the other hookup stuff is obviously enjoyable to him.
She asks if he would get a boringness reading from every person in the car to which he responds "yes", and then she asks if he would get a reading from them every 5 or 10 minutes and he responds, "every 10 hours.
There is a very good reason that over 95 percent of elementary-school teachers are women, and that reason is to ensure that boys associate reading with femininity and boringness.
One can only speculate, but my guess is that (1) Wallace was attracted to the IRS setting as an opportunity to explore, in the same book, both boredom and civic responsibility, and (2) he thought that the public's belief in the inherent and utter boringness of tax is so profound that readers would never question the notion of tax return examination as the ne plus ultra of workplace tedium.
It will still take a while until the first machines ascend into the air, and the scene turns into a spectacle of boringness.
How exactly do you measure the level of excitement or boringness of a sport?