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Synonyms for pants

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Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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"They don't like the physical stuff one little bit, particularly the foreign players," he said, doing a tasty impression of a little Englander boring the pants off his fellow drinkers in some dingy inner city pub.
Let's not mention the Millennium once - because we're in danger of boring the pants off everyone.
In theO2X4(MP3 player,camera and video messager) handbook it states: 'The O2X4 allows you to do whatever you want with text messaging,including boring the pants off your readers
Parma, after years of boring the pants off even their most fervent supporters, pack a real punch up front now.
And if it is boring the pants off you, I'm chuffed.
But she was correct with her warning that the Williams' very public sibling rivalry could end up boring the pants off fans and TV viewers.
Yet recently they have succeeded only in boring the pants off everyone.
Compare that to their dull rivals - Danyl, admiring his looks as he pouts and poses in front of the camera, or Ollie boring the pants off us with soppy ballads and sob stories - and X Factor isn't a singing contest...
In their last six Premier League home games they have managed just four goals and have succeeded in boring the pants off the 60,000 fans who turned up on each occasion.
We have been boring the pants off you over the past weeks concerning this totally unworkable system and now, thanks to a piece by the excellent Graham Green, we have some facts to pass on.
Against Fulham last week Birmingham went back to doing what they do best - boring the pants off everyone.
While England were boring the pants off the nation at Villa Park on Wednesday night, Ireland were beating Portugal 1-0 in Dublin.