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Synonyms for pants


Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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The bronzed husband and wife will doubtless be boring the pants off the bloke at the bar with endless talk about how cheap the drinks were, how cheap the food was, how cheap the cigarettes were and all the bargains they picked up.
FORMULA ONE goes on trial before a world-wide jury today - accused of boring the pants off viewers.
I'm off to a house party where I intend boring the pants off everyone with my thoughts on the Scots job.
33-1' (which is a traditional October Guineas price), and several 'faces' will 'avail themselves' and then spend the next three months boring the pants off the rest of us with the news that they've got a 'voucher' that will 'keep them warm through the winter'.
I've been boring the pants off all my colleagues here about it and telling all my customers.
There I was pondering how amid all the sea of words analysing the General Election I might make a contribution while at the same time not boring the pants off you all.
When I first came here we stayed up on set-pieces from Gary McAllister's deliver and Dion Dublin's goals, so I have been boring the pants off the players in training with set-pieces and it is a case of who is hungry enough and brave enough to head the ball.
A Canadian, Berlin-based former school teacher, this provocative gender bender set out to shock but succeeded only in boring the pants off anyone in the crowd who wasn't gay or lesbian.
Last season I was boring the pants off everybody in saying I'd never seen a team so unlucky with injuries as Everton last season, and now they are keeping nearly all of the players off the treatment table there is an increased competition for places and improved results.
They don't like the physical stuff one little bit, particularly the foreign players," he said, doing a tasty impression of a little Englander boring the pants off his fellow drinkers in some dingy inner city pub.
Let's not mention the Millennium once - because we're in danger of boring the pants off everyone.
And if it is boring the pants off you, I'm chuffed.