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Synonyms for pants


Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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Nothing bores the pants off me quicker than the subject of MSPs' expenses.
And the peak of a hat is always useful for pulling over your eyes if you see that person who bores the pants off you.
He was my first England captain, my first England opening partner, he stands next to me and bores the pants off me at slip - he's a great guy.
Bores the pants off us with his constant stories about hoovering, babysitting, washing up etc.
He's still, after spending a fortune, in charge of a side hovering just above the relegation zone which bores the pants off neutrals, and so underwhelms Teesside that at most games there's bigger gaps in the stands than in the polar ice cap.
We don't know about you, but Phil Mitchell bores the pants off us, dead or alive.