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any of various insects or larvae or mollusks that bore into wood


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During the biological assessment of pest damage, Sphecid wasps were collected from the galleries of the borers.
Pod borers have been estimated to cause 60 to 90 per cent loss in the grain yield of pigeonpea under favourable conditions and the damage of seeds by pod fly generally ranges between 14.
In earlier tests, they first sprayed nematodes onto tree limbs infested with lesser peachtree borers and then applied the fire gel over them.
The action alerted her handler, Alice Whitelaw, that she had found an ash tree infested with emerald ash borer.
The New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry is targeting state-owned lands in at least nine counties for aggressive emerald ash borer prevention measures in a comprehensive effort to stem the spread of the destructive insect and protect the beauty and health of wooded landscapes, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin announced today.
Mohr, suggested that the study be expanded to include the bivalve wood borers and fouling organisms.
Therefore, environmentally friendly approach such as time of planting be adopted for better management of maize stem borers and increased productivity.
Henceforth, all efforts to augment egg parasitoids of sugarcane stem borers in the CRV employed T.
Entomology researchers pinned the molded and printed decoys, as well as dead female emerald ash borers onto leaves in forests to see which ones best attracted wild males.
Jennifer Forman Orth of the state Department of Agricultural Resources is asking birders taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count to also look for signs of emerald ash borers and Asian longhorned beetles.
The light trap attracts borers with light, while in the pheromone trap, red palm weevil is attracted to the pheromone by a chemical secretion.
Yasda jig borers consistently achieve outstanding performance in heavy duty machining, something conventional jig borers have traditionally not been known for," said David Lucius, vice president of sales for Methods Machine Tools.
Rice plants result into dead hearts and white heads, when attacked by rice stem borers at early age and panicle initiation stage respectively.
It is concluded that trash burning in sugarcane does not support the ecosystem by destroying arthropod biodiversity (predators and scavengers) and is having no impact on sugarcane borers.
There are several reasons for this low yield but different types of borers are the most serious pests of sugarcane, of which the stem borer (Chilo infuscatellus) is the most notorious and destructive one.