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any of various insects or larvae or mollusks that bore into wood


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Stein Tree Service performs commercial and residential tree care services in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, and particularly since the discovery of the emerald ash borer in their service areas, the company has been very conscious about its responsibilities in this regard.
The flatheaded appletree borer is the most significant pest of concern in many woody ornamental production areas in the eastern US (Potter et al.
At day 3 post treatment, emamectin benzoate, abamectin and indoxacarb were found more effective as compared to other treatments in 2015 trial (Table III) and emamectin benzoate, lambda-cyhalothrin and profenofos gave the maximum control of borer infestation in 2016 trial (Table IV).
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Others fight back with various methods, such as wrapping the lower stems with old pantyhose in hopes of keeping the borers out.
The Pod Borer resistant Cowpea is genetically modified, which enables the crop to resist the attacks from Maruca Virata (a pest that destroys Cowpea on the field) with little pesticide spray on the crop.
On the other hand, previous studies on this subject have focused primarily on control [4], growth and mortality [5] of coffee berry borer, identifying certain variables and conditions that favor its existence [6] [7].
Borer has a process that is compatible with most materials, and can even replace TRIKE, with two simple soaps.
Nearly 300 species of insect pests are known to infest pigeonpea crop at various growth stages in India (Lal and Singh, 1998) but the maximum yield loss is caused by pod borer complex.
Tristan Anne Borer (Ed.), Media, Mobilization, and Human Rights: Mediating Suffering, New York, NY: Zed Books, 2012, 264 pp., $125.95 (hardcover), $36.95 (paperback).
A KFC spokesman said the creature was not a maggot but a corn borer.
Peach growers need help with a formidable insect foe: the lesser peachtree borer, a native insect first reported in 1868 in Pennsylvania.
The action alerted her handler, Alice Whitelaw, that she had found an ash tree infested with emerald ash borer.