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Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

the act of drilling


Related Words

the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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The residents he pointed out wait for the borehole to at least yield more water during the day and throughout the night and then scramble for water early in the morning where many go and queue up with containers to collect the rest of the water left in the ground.
For that reason, he said the borehole yielded more than the current demanded water supply.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormal"Most owners of commercial boreholes are in business and are the cause of lack of water in Nairobi.
'The indiscriminate digging of boreholes causes water pollution.
It wants to drill 50 boreholes that can then be monitored using sensitive equipment to shed light on how fluids and gas flow underground over time.
Elton Parish Council claims the project will involve injecting gases and fluids into boreholes and the monitoring their passage through the subsurface with the question posed as to how the venting of carbon dioxide would be managed.
Now how can blowing out the borehole be minimized if the holes slump frequently?
Finally, after 90-minute hectic efforts, the hook got entangled into the child's clothes and he was safely pulled out of the borehole.
The facilitator, Nana Kwabena Appiah, a broadcast journalist with Bryt FM who is celebrating 10 years in journalism, on his part, appealed to opinion leaders and staff of the facility to ensure they take proper care of the borehole.
The key process of coal seam water infusion is borehole sealing, whose quality influences the effect of coal seam water infusion directly [4, 5].
Despite the heterogeneous nature of aquifers, the use of borehole logging techniques to address this heterogeneity remains uncommon.
Though AMCC is focused on maternal and newborn child health, Monjesa uses this trip to the borehole to show how interconnected different aspects of the development projects are: there is a vast web of factors that affect health, and water is one of the most essential.