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Synonyms for boreal

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Synonyms for boreal

comprising or throughout far northern regions


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'We are excited to announce that we are trading on the OTCQB Market allowing a much larger group of investors to become shareholders in Boreal.'
This spongy layer of leaf litter contains most of the carbon stored in the boreal soil.
"In comparison, the boreal region of northern Canada provides safe and high-quality breeding habitat for this declining species.
Beresford-Kroeger's tree travelogue takes the audience around the world: the cedar forests of Japan, the ancient Raheen Wood of Ireland, the redwoods of the US, and the great boreal of Canada.
College Boreal president Daniel Giroux noted that the college is the only post-secondary institution offering an agriculture program in Northern Ontario, which is why it made sense for the school to partner oji the project.
They will globally distribute the assay kits for use on the Boreal OnTarget system in blood and exclusively in urine.
A new campaign called Boreal Birds Need Half provides a vision and a road map to get there.
Described as "an exceptional yacht with a unique style", Le Boreal has been designed to create a "subtly revisited" nautical mood.
In The Grandchildren of Solano Lopez, historian Bridget Maria Chesterton tells the fascinating story of the role of the remote Chaco Boreal frontier in the development of Paraguayan nationalism.
Each year tens of million of migratory birds "overwinter" in the Canadian Boreal forest, a vast tract of mostly uninhabited coniferous woodlands and wetlands stretching from Newfoundland to the Yukon.
Our guide, DU's Fritz Reid and his Lab, Boreal, (only a waterfowl biologist hunts a retriever named "Boreal") took us to a box blind in a restored moist-soil unit.
Boreal and Annecy Animation Festival Director Tiziana Loschi, visited Nagorno- Karabakh, where he produced a short animation film
8 October 2013 - US Boreal Genomics, a provider of technology for non-invasive genomic profiling of tumours from blood plasma of cancer patients, said it had raised USD 18 million (EUR 13.3m) in a Series C funding round.
Vast underground networks of fungi may sequester heaps of carbon in boreal forest soil, a study suggests.