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Synonyms for bore-hole

a hole or passage made by a drill

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Severn Trent says what it's selling is bore-hole water and that it has no bore-holes in Wales.
2] at state 4 into a commercially available software package that takes into account bore-hole geometry and fluid properties.
THERE WERE 50,000 illegal bore-holes in Cyprus said a water board official yesterday, as he tried to explain why a spring in Farmakas village, which had been running for as long as people remembered, was drying out.
The geological section across the Pilawa River valley was elaborated on the base of the geological profile of hydrogeological bore-hole Liszkowo-PGR No 1638 (Fig.
To test the geothermal energy potential, a bore-hole of up to 125 metres will be drilled, into and out of which water will be piped.
The system measures the vertical electric field between two electrodes -- a steel pipe in a 603-meter-deep bore-hole, and a 40-meter-wide ring of grounded wire encircling it.
The technology consists of drilling twinned horizontal wells up to one-half mile from the surface locations, injecting steam into one bore-hole in order to make the tarry oil more fluid, and then flowing the oil from the other well at high production rates and pressures.
Nasdaq:HVNV) today announced the successful completion of a 120-foot radius curve section of a horizontal bore-hole, utilizing for the first time only compressed air as a drilling fluid.
Geophysical surveys conducted by bore-hole, Induced Polarization (I.