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Synonyms for bore-hole

a hole or passage made by a drill

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Calculations for total bore-resistance as [CO.sub.2] is cooled and condensed was determined by entering single phase properties of [CO.sub.2] at state 4 into a commercially available software package that takes into account bore-hole geometry and fluid properties.
When coupled with GSE system, bore-hole lengths can be significantly reduced and sized to balance with the building hot water needs.
The geological section across the Pilawa River valley was elaborated on the base of the geological profile of hydrogeological bore-hole Liszkowo-PGR No 1638 (Fig.
It wants to draw from the adjacent Walms Well spring through the installation of a 1.7 mile pipeline and a 200m bore-hole.
* SIR - Does the decision by Severn Trent to sell 30 million litres of bore-hole water a day to drought-hit England mean Wales will be denied potentially increased revenues for Dwr Cymru and reduced bills for consumers?
The system measures the vertical electric field between two electrodes -- a steel pipe in a 603-meter-deep bore-hole, and a 40-meter-wide ring of grounded wire encircling it.
Bridgend-based UK Methane Ltd want to drill three bore-holes at the disused St John's Colliery in Maesteg in the hope of finding gas reserves.
THERE WERE 50,000 illegal bore-holes in Cyprus said a water board official yesterday, as he tried to explain why a spring in Farmakas village, which had been running for as long as people remembered, was drying out.
Last year, a group of Australian researchers reported something different in the data coming from three strain-sensing instruments they had installed near Parkfield The instruments lie in bore-holes and are designed to sense forces within the crust that gently deform the originally circular holes.