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Synonyms for bore-hole

a hole or passage made by a drill

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2] at state 4 into a commercially available software package that takes into account bore-hole geometry and fluid properties.
THERE WERE 50,000 illegal bore-holes in Cyprus said a water board official yesterday, as he tried to explain why a spring in Farmakas village, which had been running for as long as people remembered, was drying out.
The technology consists of drilling twinned horizontal wells up to one-half mile from the surface locations, injecting steam into one bore-hole in order to make the tarry oil more fluid, and then flowing the oil from the other well at high production rates and pressures.
SIR - Does the decision by Severn Trent to sell 30 million litres of bore-hole water a day to drought-hit England mean Wales will be denied potentially increased revenues for Dwr Cymru and reduced bills for consumers?
The system measures the vertical electric field between two electrodes -- a steel pipe in a 603-meter-deep bore-hole, and a 40-meter-wide ring of grounded wire encircling it.
Nasdaq:HVNV) today announced the successful completion of a 120-foot radius curve section of a horizontal bore-hole, utilizing for the first time only compressed air as a drilling fluid.
Geophysical surveys conducted by bore-hole, Induced Polarization (I.
Bridgend-based UK Methane Ltd want to drill three bore-holes at the disused St John's Colliery in Maesteg in the hope of finding gas reserves.
Last year, a group of Australian researchers reported something different in the data coming from three strain-sensing instruments they had installed near Parkfield The instruments lie in bore-holes and are designed to sense forces within the crust that gently deform the originally circular holes.