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Synonyms for borderline

Synonyms for borderline

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

a transitional interval beyond which some new action or different state of affairs is likely to begin or occur

Synonyms for borderline

of questionable or minimal quality


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The term borderline, which our profession started using more than 120 years ago, originally described a mental illness that was not as intense as what we now think of as schizophrenic psychosis but was on the border of that illness (Psychiatr.
"We won't cure borderline personality with medications," said Dr.
He also asked what the ministry was doing to sensitise them on correct borderlines.
Plainly a borderline closed curve of the figure which has the hole surrounds inwardly all figures except the figure itself and figures which its other borderline closed curves surround inwardly respectively; yet the borderline closed curve surrounds outwardly the figure and those figures which the other borderline closed curves surround inwardly respectively, therefore we need merely to prove all figures at a planar map from any spherical map, to wit O.K.
The ambassador continued "I have visited the borderline in Taftan, Zahedan, etc and Iran has very good posts and there are borderline bazaars there which are helping Iranian and Pakistani businessmen with their trade activities."
The term 'borderline' in the BPD label makes it easy to confuse the disorder with 'borderline mental disorder' or 'borderline psychosis', non-specific labels previously used to describe individuals who do not clearly meet criteria for any specific diagnosis.
Medication Symptom domain Effect Antipsychotics Cognitive-perceptual Moderate Anger Moderate/large Antidepressants Anxiety Small Anger Small Mood stabilizers Impulsive-behavioral dyscontrol Very large Anger Very large Anxiety Large Depressed mood Moderate BPD: borderline personality disorder Source: Reference 24 * Antipsychotics seemed to have a moderate effect on cognitive-perceptual symptoms and a moderate-to-large effect on anger.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Trials of drug therapy for borderline personality disorder have produced conflicting results and controversy, but a new trend is emerging: targeting medications to syndromes within the diagnosis.
(1991) Psicoterapia Dinamica de Pacientes Borderlines. Porto Alegre: ArtMed.
Tamar's video, Borderlines, depicts the emotional highs and lows of BPD sufferers.
Borderlines Festival will screen a variety of films at different venues in the two counties, with one of the highlights being the UK premiere of Deborah KoonsGarcia's The Future of Food.
Cauwels discovered that many psychiatrists refuse to see these patients because borderlines are seen as provocateurs and expert manipulators.
Noting the "Split Risk" sign, I opened the door to my new ward, Emerson 2, Borderlines, with caution, shielded the opening with my body, back-flipped in fast and threw the door closed.
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