borderline schizophrenia

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Synonyms for borderline schizophrenia

schizophrenia characterized by mild symptoms or by some preexisting tendency to schizophrenia

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I'd agree with Kort that you might need to be gifted with a rich imagination rather than borderline schizophrenia to think up images such as Der moralische Kulturguetertransport (The Moralistic Cultural Commodities Transport), 1961, in which a skeleton horse pulls a carriage filled with a Moomin-like figure playing a violin, a smiling tuxedoed coachman, and a medley of birds, animals, and insects, all traveling under the canopy of an exuberant rainbow sheltering the entire scene from the dark night sky beyond.
The town's borderline schizophrenia has recently reached one of its periodic psychotic episodes, caused mostly by long-term economic forces but triggered by Peter Manso's book.
If the impotent wrath of the British electorate is never far from this show's accessible, knockabout surface, at its core is a borderline schizophrenia seemingly influenced by the selfsame current events.
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