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a pathological condition of mind or body

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Borderline leprosy masquerading as lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis.
(8) Diagnosis at presentation was lepromatous leprosy for 119 patients (59.8%), tuberculoid leprosy for 15 (7.5%), and borderline leprosy for 30 patients (15.1%); 12 patients (6%) had an undetermined form of leprosy, and 23 (11.6%) were unspecified.
Maximum correlation was observed in borderline Leprosy (100%) and borderline Lepromatous groups (100%) followed by Lepromatous Leprosy (70%), Indeterminate Leprosy (66.67%) and Tuberculoid Leprosy (57.14%).
Reactions in borderline leprosy. Ind J Lepr, 2002; 74: 115-127.
Reactions are divided as Type I Lepra reaction Type II Lepra reaction (ENL &ENN) (Reversal reaction) Type IV Hypersensitivity Type III hypersensitivity reaction in borderline reaction in lepromatous leprosy leprosy Early in the course of Late in the course of treatment treatment Borderline shifting towards Lepromatous Leprosy (LL) and tuberculoid leprosy in Borderline Leprosy (BL) after upgrading reaction after therapy will go for upgrading therapy Borderline shifting to lepromatous leprosy in downgrading reaction sequelae of the disease Unstable cell mediated Humoral Ag-Ab reaction to immune Immunity complexes Both multi and pauci Multi bacillary bacillary MATERIALS AND METHODS
Up to 30% of patients with borderline leprosy are affected by T1R.
Of them, type 1 reaction is delayed hypersensitivity reaction that occurs predominantly in borderline leprosy and is characterized clinically by inflammation and enlargement of existing plaques, often with neuritis.
Evaluation of key histologic variables in skin biopsies of patients of borderline leprosy with type 1 lepra reaction.
(18,32,34) A study from Minas Gerais state (Brazil) has shown that the probability of secondary disability was considerably higher in cases with lepromatous (OR = 16.5) and borderline leprosy (OR = 12.8), if nerves were affected (OR = 8.4), in illiterate people (OR = 5.6 times), with advanced age (OR = 7.0 times) and in cases of multibacillary disease (OR = 5.7).
Lepromatous leprosy borderline lepromatous leprosy and mid borderline leprosy are included in the multibacillary types.5 The 2 common types of leprosy reactions type 1 or reversal reaction is mediated by an upgrade in cellular immune response to the bacterium and type 2 is a type III hypersensitivity reaction characterized by erythema nodosum leprosum.67 Nerve damage may occur early in tuberculoid disease but tends to be more insidious in lepromatous leprosy.
Granuloma Annulare: Mainly affects children and young adults and may resemble tuberculoid or borderline leprosy. Cardinal signs of leprosy are absent.
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