borderline intelligence

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the minimal IQ required for someone to function normally and independently in the world (without some form of institutional assistance)

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These children had intellectual abilities ranging from borderline intelligence to moderate learning disability, with many (38%) having mild intellectual disability.
The researchers found that one-third of the patients had been diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorders, while an additional 30% had either borderline intelligence or were mentally retarded.
As the fluoride levels in drinking water increased, the IQ fell and the rates of mental retardation and borderline intelligence increased," write researchers Xiang, et al.
A top psychiatrist, who had treated O'Dwyer, said he was of borderline intelligence.
A significant aspect of borderline intelligence is the conceptualization that children, but above all adolescents, have of their own mental functioning - the cognitive self.
Her parents, who were both of borderline intelligence, literally "forgot" about her.
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