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Synonyms for borderland

the line or area separating geopolitical units

Synonyms for borderland

district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

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Receiving news that E[currency]yrnak Governor will go to borderland, residents of the village went to the same location to protest a safe way which will be built on Iranian border.
Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires; A New History of the Borderland by David Isby.
Borderland is the geographical space or zone around a territorial border.
Frederick Luis Aldama's 2009 A User's Guide to Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction is well worth reading although readers will undoubtedly find a number of its claims controversial and some of them puzzling.
In its role as key symbol of state sovereignty, the borderland has become a place where central state authorities are often most eager to govern and exercise power.
The focus is on the Galilean Jesus of John's Gospel, who invites the dislocated person into a hybrid identity through the creation of and participation in a borderland community.
The Crescent--the Myanmar-Tai-Chinese borderland home of Tai people and Han Chinese for centuries--has rarely come under scrutiny by historians.
Brunet-Jailly says there are four strands to be found in the current literature of scholarly analysis of borderlands, namely, "the multiple activities of governments, the role of borderland cultures, the political clout of borderland communities, and the impact of market forces.
In borderland regions where we find ourselves, the church embodies the imago Dei in acts of service to the stranger, in hospitality that welcomes all people to our sacred spaces, and in acts of justice for the poor and the voiceless.
An anthology of original free-verse that reminsices upon aspects of pasture, borderland, hard work, and the wonder of nature's everlasting cycles, Evening Chore reads with the pulsing rhythm; some of the poems reflect upon Kenya's land and people.
Against ruthless and experienced killers, he must weather a severe winter storm amid the rural farmland of central Minnesota and the prairies of the South Dakota borderland.
Rep, ``14,'' is a series of monologues based on interviews conducted by playwright Jose Casas in the wake of a borderland tragedy.
They also "resented her insistence that the borderland could not be confined merely to one geographical place--the Texas/Mexican border--or even to a place outside the self" (Peterson 1993: 298).
Now, working in the borderland between the two domains, physicists have learned to construct objects that behave in a quantum fashion.
Contract notice: Security and protection of property of the bundeswehr; here: borderland barracks, oberviechtach oberpfalz and barracks, pfreimd.