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Synonyms for borderland

the line or area separating geopolitical units

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Synonyms for borderland

district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

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While incidents of cross-border violence or protests in borderland communities did occur, they were relatively rare.
Michel Hogue successfully applies the framework of borderlands history to the experiences of the Plains Metis in his monograph Metis and the Medicine Line.
This study of a borderland where national identities abut is significant for many reasons.
In five parts, contributors trace the beginnings of and necessity for transnational abolitionist activism in this unique borderland, and the legal and political pressures, coupled with African Americans' irrepressible quest for freedom, that led to the growth of the Underground Railroad.
The first chapter in Michael Donoghue's Borderland on the Isthmus opens with a stunning scene that took place on the warm nights of January 1964, on the closed border of the US-controlled Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama.
The first chapter, "Emergence: Creating a Metis Borderland" discusses the importance of the Metis bison economy and trade and how the Metis used that for border marking.
The author of this study adds to a growing body of scholarship extending Southern and Midwestern history to examine the borderland existing along the Ohio River in the decades leading to the American Civil War.
Conceptualizing the term borderland in relation to the marginal, or as editor Wolputte (Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, U.
E[currency]IRNAK (CyHAN)- Two children in the southeastern province of E[currency]yrnak's Roboski village were injured as a result of intervention by the security forces while they were staging a protest near a borderland, where 34 Roboski or Uludere residents were killed mistakenly by military airstrikes in 2011.
Authority over the borderland, domination over its territory, has always been the subject of action of external forces, but the same border aimed (and this process continues) to a certain independence, articulating their own interests.
The Hamilton Fringe Festival in Ontario is offering "Borderland" as one of its plays running in the festival July 18-28.
Frederick Luis Aldama's 2009 A User's Guide to Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction is well worth reading although readers will undoubtedly find a number of its claims controversial and some of them puzzling.
The study of "bordering techniques and procedures", "phenomenon of emigration", "emigration restrictions", "border transgressions" gives us a possibility to understand relations between state and territory, borderland community and other population, to develop a new approach for understanding how borders appear or disappear, become significant, meaningful or meaningless.
The analogy of the borderland is a tad more ambiguous.